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3 questions with Mel Gibson

3 questions with Mel Gibson (SBC) got a chance to talk to the actor, screenwriter, film director and producer Mel Gibson about his new film ‘The Edge of Darkness’; opening January 29th nationwide. He excitedly gave us the back story of the movie and also spoke to us about his upcoming projects.

ShowBizCafe: So Mel, how does it feel to be back in a starring role? We haven’t seen you in one since the movie ‘Signs’ in 2002. How is this role different from the other ones we’ve seen you in?

Mel Gibson: Wow 2002, that’s 8 years? Well it’s about 8 years different (laughs). Well if you haven’t been on the board for so long you make different choices, time informs that, so it’s different. [In this movie] the character is a blue collar cop who is dealing with the loss of a child and dealing with grief; he’s on the edge of a nervous breakdown. I guess I’ve been on similar territory before but this has a nice feel to it. I liked the original TV series when it was on during the 80’s, also done by the same director who decided to add something new to it. It’s kind of a harbinger; it gives a social warning of where we might be headed.

SBC: Talking about the director Martin Campbell who is behind both projects, what can people expect in the film and was there more pressure because of its association with the series?

M.G: Well it’s essentially the same, it’s a very human story involving heighten circumstances, it was changed according to the times. The original series was on during the coal miner strike, union stuff, and civil unrest; so he found a new backdrop for the movie. It resides in the healthy paranoia we all have perhaps, on what our leaders may be up to. [The script] reminded me of Jacobean tragedies from the 17th century, this film kind of has the look and feel of them, and I’ve always been a big fan of them so this was one of the things that attracted me to it. It’s about getting even, and everyone getting their justice served, nobody gets a free ride.

SBC: Are you working on any projects right now that we can look forward to seeing soon?

M.G.: Well I have 3 projects lined up – Am writing a story to be shot down in Mexico, which will be rearing its ugly head soon. I’ve also signed to work with Shane Black on his next directing effort. [Finally] I’m writing another story with Bill Monahan and Graham King who I worked with on ‘The Edge of Darkness’, I don’t think anyone has done the Viking movie right yet, I’ve seen plenty but none that do it for me; so I’m gonna make one that does it for me and everybody else, I’m gonna put the ‘V’ back in Viking. It’s the biggest punch in the balls you’ll ever get.

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