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5 Deciphering Answers To Miley Cyrus’s New Album Title – BANGERZ

Back in July 10 Miley Cyrus tweeted a Jay-Z inspired challenge to her fans: get her to 13 million followers on twitter and she would release the name of her album. Yesterday, her dreams came true and she reached her lucky number and as a thank you she tweeted the following to her fans:

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This new recently-baptized album BANGERZ will be her fourth studio album and first with RCA. Though a release date is for the record is still unknown, according to MTV news, it was produced by Pharrell Williams and it will feature acts like Wiz Khalifa and possibly even French Montana and Britney Spears. With a crazy mix of sounds like that I can’t wait to hear what the young star is cooking.

So far, the 20-year-old has been warming us up with the hit “We Can’t Stop,” which peaked at No.2 on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart, and topped the iTunes single charts just hours from its release. More noteworthy than the song itself was its controversial video in which we truly watched the singer’s sexuality explode as she shed her Disney Princess past.

Like any artist excited about their work, they can’t just talk about it once of course, so Miley also tweeted this sweet little note about the newly revealed title:

In this day and age it’s hard to figure out the meaning of words especially when it comes to slang. Take for example Broto defined by Urban Dictionary as: A photo with the bros; or how about Turn Up: to let loose and have fun. Seriously?

So friends, please don’t feel bad if you don’t know the meaning of BANGERZ, because frankly, we don’t either, so just sit back and relax and let us suggest 5 possible meanings picked out by us for this special occasion from Urban Dictionary.

5. BANGERS: A way of expressing getting lots of cash.

* Ex. Guy1: “My job is low Paid”
* Guy2: “Well I’m making bangers.”

Why this could be a possible meaning: Because she will probably be making a great deal of money off of this record.

4. BANGERS: An expression used when something dramatic, affecting, breathtaking, comic, effective, emotional, expressive, farcical, histrionic, impressive, melodramatic, powerful, sensational, startling, striking, sudden, tense, theatrical, thespian, thrilling, tragic, vivid, climactic, electrifying, suspenseful happens.

* Ex. “Her performance in the show was so breathtaking it was bangers.”

Why this could be a possible meaning: Because she expects this record to be all of the words forth mentioned and a bag of chips.

3. BANGER: If a Song is extremely tight or just unbelievably awesome. It is a banger.

* Ex. “Have you heard that new Miley Song? It’s a banger!”

Why this could be a possible meaning: Because if people liked “We Can’t Stop” that much, Miley knows that they will think the whole album is even more awesome.

2. BANGER: An intense party, which involves large amounts of drinking, beer pong, and plenty of girls to grind on. Always leaving the house a total mess.

* Ex. Guy1: Yo cuz, where da Banger at?
* Guy2: Banger in Union tonight playboy, where you at?

Why this could be a possible meaning: Because that was basically what the video for “We Can’t Stop” was, a big and messy house party, so maybe that was just the introduction to the real party, her new album.

5. BANGERZ: Something that radiates unbelievable swell or swag.

* Ex. Guy 1: “Dude have you seen Sharat?”
* Guy2: “Ya he is so not bangerz.”
* Guy1: “I know but everything in Pete’s life is bangerz.”

Why this could be a possible meaning: Ever since Miley left her Disney days behind, she has been radiating a lot of swag. She is more fashion forward, risqué and hangs out with Pharrell Williams (definition of swag) so it is only obvious that she is injecting as much swag to her new album as she has to her image.

So there you have it folks, 5 possible meanings to Miley Cyrus’ upcoming album, BANGERZ.

Let us know if which one you like most or if you have any other suggestions. We’d love to hear them!

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