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A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol

Every Christmas season we get hit with a multitude of holiday cheer films and every so often that film happens to be a new rendition of A Christmas Carol, so why is this one a cut above the rest? It’s not just because it’s in 3D this time, or because of Jim Carrey’s score of excellent performances, or just because of the cinematography, but because of the wonderment that everyone feels when they leave.

Director Robert Zemeckis previous Christmas classic, The Polar Express, captured audiences with its spectacular 3D animation and classic narrative. And his renewed effort with A Christmas Carol carries that same magic forward with the added Disney spark. From the first scene to the last, every detail is crafted into the cinematography and art that pops forward and engages all audiences.

Jim Carrey’s many roles weave magic similar to that of genie. They melt seamlessly into one another and what comes through is just the Christmas magic that every Dickens fan wants to see. Carrey guides the audience from Ebenezer’s horrifying first moments to his reformed spirit with thrill, excitement, and an ease of sympathy and empathy.

Robert Zemeckis crafts nearly every detail before your eyes and creates a storybook wonder for every age. He brings Charles Dickens classic tale to life in this aesthetically pleasing Christmas production. The magic of the Christmas season seems to begin when you watch this production.

Rated: PG for scary sequences and images.
Release Date: 2009-11-06
Screenplay: Charles Dickens (novel) Robert Zemeckis
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