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A fresh new weekend with a sequel at number 1

A fresh new weekend with a sequel at number 1

Finally this weekend a good mix of movies that are worth going to the theater for premiered. Starting with ‘Underworld: Awakening’, this new segment of the franchise collected more money than the previous ones of the series, $25.4 million dollars; the main character Kate Beckinsale also stars in another movie in the top 10 this month of January 2012, but in this one she’s phenomenal!

Red Tails’ premiered on second place with $19.1 million, this movie of aerodynamic drama has been widely promoted and the reviews it has received are very mixed.

The number one movie from last weekend, ‘Contraband’ falls to third place with $12.2 million dollars. It’s followed by the action movie ‘Haywire’ and ‘Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close’. There are rumors that with the website megavideo being shut down, the finances in Hollywood will improve.


The Top 10 in the Box Office are:

1. Underworld: Awakening -$25.4 million

2. Red Tails -$19.1 million

3. Contraband -$12.2 million

4. Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close -$10.5 million

5. Haywire -$9 million

6. Beauty and the Beast 3D -$8.6 million

7. Joyful Noise -$6.1 million

8. Mission: Impossible-Ghost Protocol -$5.5 million

9. Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows -$4.8 million

10. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo -$3.7 million


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