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A Perfect Getaway


Rated: R for graphic violence, language including sexual references and some drug use.
Release Date: 2009-08-07
Starring: David Twohy
Film Genre:
Country: USA
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A Perfect Getaway

‘A Perfect Getaway’ is one of the most predictable ‘whodunnit’ thriller films of 2009. Because of this, the second half of the film isn’t as enjoyable since we already know who the killers are. Nevertheless, it is fun, but I wish writer/director David Twohy (Pitch Black) would have made it a bit more difficult for us to decipher. The complexity of figuring out who the assassins are is what makes these types of films entertaining (i.e; Memento).

The storyline is engaging. A Hawaiian honeymoon turns dangerous for two lovers (Steve Zahn and Milla Jovovich) when they discover they are being stalked by a pair of killers: Nick (Timonthy Olyphant) and Gina (Kiele Sanchez) are unmarried adventurers looking for one more destination to add to their globe-trotting resume. And Kale (Chris Hemsworth) and Cleo (Marley Shelton) are surfer/hippie types who show signs of anti-social behavior. But who could it be? (Cue the horror music).

This film begins in an amusing fashion with plenty of character development allowing the audience to attach themselves to the protagonists. This is a clever move by the director since it is a known “rule” that audiences like characters who they know well, but it backfires because Twohy tries so hard to surprise everyone that he ends up surprising no one. There is a ‘twist’ that occurs in the middle of the movie that is so expected, it makes you feel like one’s intelligence has been questioned.

I’ve never been a fan of Timothy Olyphant’s acting (‘Hitman’ was the beginning of the end for me), but it wasn’t a distraction this time around. He did a descent job as did the rest of the cast. Kiele Sanchez, the Puerto Rican actress, was a pleasing screen delight, and Zahn casted a shadow of agitation throughout the film.

All around, ‘A Perfect Getaway’ is a silly, fun time at the movies that won’t leave you bored, just expect to figure out everything out very soon and to see some dumb moments that’ll leave you scratching your head.

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