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Album Review: Jennifer Lopez’s “A.K.A.”

The 1-4-0: Jennifer Lopez’s new album, “A.K.A,” definitely won’t be a hit, but she’ll definitely get support from her die-hard fans, which will keep it from tanking.

The Breakdown: “A.K.A” has decent songs, but brings nothing new to the table. We definitely won’t be hearing anything that slightly compares to “On The Floor” hit which achieved a 3X Platinum from the RIAA.

There’s a wide variety of sounds – pop, hip-hop, ballads, electronic and RnB – and not not mention big-name collaborations by: T.I., Nas, Pitbull, Rick Ross, French Montana and Iggy Azalea. But most of this goes to waste as Jenny can’t even make up her mind on telling a concise story and leaves listeners confused. In one song she’s in love, in the next she’s tired of the guy, but then she sings about being heart broken. Not to mention that in the first song she: “is not the girl you used to know,” yet in her last song she is: “still the same girl.”


“Never Satisfied”: This one takes a little while to build up, but once the hook hits you’re able to feel all the heavy emotion that this song carries.

“I Luh You Papi”: Not my favorite song, but because of the repetitive hook the songs successfully becomes an ear worm.

“Acting Like That”: This is one of the best tracks on the album. The soft RnB allows JLo’s feminine/urban sound to fit in flawlessly and the strong banging base allows Iggy to shine as well.

“Booty”: The reason this song is good is because of its hard-hitting base and danceable rhythm, which will definitely help this song make its way into clubs nations wide.

“TENS”: Ok yes, it’s good and has a great sound, but no JLo, you just can’t outdo Madonna’s “Vogue.”

“Troubeaux”: WOW! Leave it to Nas to bring back one of the illest, baddest, sickest samples. The smooth saxophone from Tom Scott’s “Today” – which made “They Reminisce Over You (T.R.O.Y.)” by Pete Rock and CL Smooth an instant classic hip-hop track in the 90s – makes this song one of the best on the album, only made better by the addition of rap section by Nas.

“Expertease (Ready Set Go)”:  Is a bit of a different sound than what we are used to hearing from her. It’s a soft, but fun candy-pop tune.


“Emotions”: Between the shrilly and shaky tone and the bad lyrics that say: “I feel good cuz, I don’t feel bad,” this one comes out as king of bad.

“Let It Be Me”: We have no time for Disney Princess tunes, next!

“Same Girl”: JLo, please just stick with “Jenny From The Block.”

THE FLUFF (neither good nor bad, just there to fill up space):

“A.K.A,” “First Love,” “So Good,” “Worry No More.”

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