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And The Tony Goes To…

With the Tony Awards this Sunday, Broadway is gearing up for its biggest night. The question on
everyone’s mind is: Who will take home a Tony? Whether you’re rooting for Dear Evan Hansen
or Come From Away, this year’s Best Musical isn’t as clear cut as last year, with Hamilton’s
record breaking 16 Tony Nominations. The top five theatre publications weigh in on who should
take home the Tony trophy. And so do I!

The Hollywood Reporter: Come From Away
Forbes: Dear Evan Hansen
TimeOut: Dear Evan Hansen
New York Times: Come From Away
The Observer: Dear Evan Hansen
Jack’s Opinion: Tie? Dear Evan Hansen, Come From Away
While most of the Broadway community is in Dear Evan Hansen’s corner, many have yet to
experience the incredibly powerful Come From Away. It tells the stories of the men and women
who were stranded in Gander, Newfoundland in the wake of the September 11th terrorist attack.
Both shows tell a heart wrenching tale, so it’s no wonder that they are the top contenders for Best
The Hollywood Reporter: Sweat
Forbes: Oslo
TimeOut: Oslo
The New York Times: Oslo
The Observer: Oslo
Jack’s Opinion: The Glass Menagerie
The Glass Menagerie has always been a personal favorite of mine. While many believe that Oslo
is the show to beat, I think that Menagerie still has a fighting chance. The actors that bring this
recent revival to life really are some of the best there are in particular, Ms. Sally Field!

The Hollywood Reporter: Hello, Dolly!
Forbes: Hello, Dolly!
TimeOut: Hello, Dolly!
New York Times: Hello, Dolly!
The Observer: Hello, Dolly!
Jack’s Opinion: Can I nominate CATS, please?
I have nothing against Hello, Dolly!, I just REALLY love CATS. I know that it doesn’t have a
shot in ANY universe, because: 1. It wasn’t even nominated and 2. No one in their right mind
would ever pick CATS over a classic like Hello, Dolly! But it was my first musical and it owns
my heart.

The Hollywood Reporter: Jitney
Forbes: Jitney
TimeOut: Jitney
New York Times: Jitney
The Observer: Jitney
Jack’s Opinion: A Doll’s House part 2
While I was a fan of Henrik Isben’s A Doll House, I believe that a sequel to a play written in the
1870s is hard pressed to contend with something as modern as Jitney. While A Doll’s house part
2 has a modern dialogue, the actors are in period costumes. I think that Jitney is better suited to
win this category. Jitney will appeal to a more contemporary audience. Who knows, maybe this
will be the biggest upset there is on Tony night!

A Doll's House Part 2
Forbes: Ben Platt, Dear Evan Hansen
TimeOut: Ben Platt, Dear Evan Hansen
New York Times: Ben Platt, Dear Evan Hansen
The Observer: Ben Platt, Dear Evan Hansen
Jack’s Opinion: Ben Platt, Dear Evan Hansen
It looks like for the first time everyone is in agreement. Pitch Perfect star Ben Platt gives an
amazing performance as Evan Hansen, a teenage boy who gets too deep in a lie and struggles to
find a way out.

Ben Platt
Forbes: Bette Midler, Hello, Dolly!
TimeOut: Bette Midler, Hello, Dolly!
New York Times: Bette Midler, Hello, Dolly!
The Observer: Bette Midler, Hello, Dolly!
Jack’s Opinion: Bette Midler, Hello, Dolly!
I mean…Do I really have to say something?

Bette Midler, Hello, Dolly!
Forbes: Jenn Colella, Come From Away
TimeOut: Rachel Bay Jones, Dear Evan Hansen
New York Times: Mary Beth Peil, Anastasia
The Observer: Rachel Bay Jones, Dear Evan Hansen
Jack’s Opinion: Mary Beth Peil, Anastasia
I will not back down from this choice. While I realize that Evan Hansen’s Rachel Bay Jones has
the best chance of winning, Mary Beth Peil gives a stunning performance as the Dowager
Empress in Anastasia. It will be a close race!

Mary Beth Peil, Anastasia
Forbes: Gavin Creel, Hello, Dolly!
TimeOut: Gavin Creel, Hello, Dolly!
New York Times: Gavin Creel, Hello, Dolly!
The Observer: Gavin Creel, Hello, Dolly!
Jack’s Opinion: Gavin Creel, Hello, Dolly!
Can’t really go wrong with Gavin Creel on this one. I saw him in Throughly Modern Millie. Both
Jimmy (Millie) and Horace (Dolly) have similar attributes that play to Creel’s strengths, such as
his wit and athleticism!Gavin Creel, Hello, Dolly!

Be sure to catch the 71st annual TONY Awards this Sunday June 11th at 8pm EST on CBS!

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