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Andy Garcia: “‘Godfather Part 4’ is in Francis’ hands”

05.1.2012 | By |

Could one of the greatest franchises in cinema history, The Godfather, get a new sequel with Andy Garcia? Jack Rico spoke to the Cuban actor, Garcia himself about the status of ‘The Godfather Part 4‘, how he didn’t speak to Luis Guzman about project, and how he would only do it if Francis Ford Coppola would direct it.If a movie like this is going to get made, Coppola himself would have to give it his blessing and he’d have to direct it and write it. Andy Garcia would be the central piece to it moving forward in the role of Vincent Mancini.

The Godfather Part III ended with Garcia taking over the reigns of the Corleone family from Al Pacino’s Michael Corleone, as its undisputed leader.

The role would mean a comeback to an A-list level for Garcia who was nominated for his role in The Godfather Part III, but for the past few years he has been concentrating on personal independent films such as ‘City Island‘ and now ‘For Greater Glory‘.

There were reports that ubiquitous Puerto Rican actor Luis Guzman was asked by Garcia to join him in the film if it was greenlit, but Garcia quickly shot it down saying, “I never spoke to Luis Guzman”.

Leonardo Dicaprio and Ray Liotta would be in the mix, but who else would make sense? A specter of Al Pacino, De Niro, Duvall?

Would you want to see a ‘The Godfather 4’ sequel?

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  • Kevin Bass

    Yes, i would and would come on as a writer if I was allowed, I have an awesome paradigm for the story and would incorporate the old values and structure of GF2 to preserve the right of its future.

  • jeje

    you r good!

  • Jawad Ali

    huge fan of godfather collection,,,,,m taking acting classes to be a part of godfather part4……I really wana be in that movie……18 years Old jawad ALI

  • Aggieman


  • Efrain Rivera


  • Ammar Ali

    I think the should make the forth the last one . How the carliano family ends and how it all finishes

  • Karen London

    Can’t wait..

  • lisa

    Please, please please!!! I would continue with Vincent and also have michaels son become involved.

  • capevgurl

    That wiuld be the best!!!! Myself and many others would love to see it. It would be a blockbustet!

  • Dan

    Won’t happen until Francis has passed away and Paramount looks to cash in.

  • alex

    But it has to be directed,produced and written by Francis Ford Coppola.

  • Tahoedirt

    It’s understandable everyone wants 4- but I say don’t do it. No matter what, and mostly because of the expectations, it will fail.
    Just enjoy what’s been done and leave it alone. In my opinion, 3 was a disappointment and 4 can only continue down that road.

  • gabby

    It would be interesting, but where would you go?

  • Lakotawin

    We need a series of Godfather movies; Vincent is the most powerful Godfather in the end of Part 3 he and his Aunt Connie seen capable of running the family based on crime where is what America is built on. So continue the historical saga of Italy and New York City I’m sure there is to tell!

  • knifemaker56

    Common its been over due bring GodFather4 on it will be another Blow out . people feel like there balls are getting Broke . you have a movie here that can handle 4 parts every 60 years for the next 300 years . I am 58 years old . and I have wore 1 threw 3 out 4 times already . God Shakes Make the movie ..

  • knifemaker56

    Gangster/ Gangsta would be a heck of a movie , a Corleone child and a friend get caught up in a gang shoot out over a drug deal that went bad , the kid gets shot up pretty bad he doesn’t die but Vincent .. calls an all out war to clean up the city streets and do what the Cops cannot do and that is get rid of the street gangs .. and they find out that the Mayor and cops are backing these street gangs .. this would be bigger than the titanic and U S steel ..

  • Faaiz khan

    Continue the movie, put Al Pacino in it. The problem is he died in the final scene of Godfather 3. Show it like he never died in that scene , when he falls from his chair, someone picks him up and takes him to the hospital where he recovers from a heart attack , later on he dies and Andy becomes his successor. And Corleone family ends in this final part. There would be no class if Al Pacino is not in the final part.

    • Ratesnat

      You would ruïn the whole trilogy with that.

    • Yesse

      He already becomes the new don before the opera scene

  • Tahsh

    Waiting with bated breath, for a long time. It should have been done by now. At the end of Godfather III, Andy was already “into it”. Hurry up before it’s too late.

  • Olivia Angel

    YES!!!!!!!!…I’ve been waiting for it to come out!! I’ve even red the books!!! Can’t wait for it to come out!!! I would pay over and over again to see it!!!

  • tony

    Only way this works is if you have flash backs of Al teaching Vincent more because he was a hot head like his pops this franchise has at least one more in it but with Coppola dying it will never happen

  • Icedroid

    Yes most definitely

  • Iri Zahaj

    The movie has to go on. There is no meaning on giving up now that people are waiting more than ever for the continuing of the story.

  • Toprak Sezgin

    Stallone did it with Rocky Balboa, you would think that it ended after Rocky V but Balboa was made in order to justify it’s predecessor. I am not sure if this could be successful or not however if they manage to pull it off, it would be awesome.

  • Michelle Urbantigar

    Absolutely, and would be delighted to see a final ground breaking finalised. Please seriously…Personally speaking Andy Garcia aka “VINCENT CORLEONE” , as lead. The GodFather Trilogy was phenomenol/ powerful. Everytime I watch even the last scenes of Godfather 3 …Al’s performance I was extremely overwhelmed by / you get a stillness of emotional fear as well as intensity of the heart crying out…. Significantly most definitely one more would be embracing. It’s a Shame it ended when it did…even had a love story which ended in a traumatic tragedy.

    Involve definitely flash backs… bring back Al even if it means for afew scenes…plus his daughter…the shock of being shot …could’ve just made her pass out…maybe she goes into a Coma? Call me dromantic! Everyone was so shocked remember, it all happened with in minutes coming out from the opera performance. I’d like to see a twist but a ground breaking cast and authenticity to the final chapter of the “CORLEONE” family.

    I’m sure there are many here who would love the opportunity to see this happen as much as be appart of something so iconic continuing from the 3 trilogies original. I know I would lover…either on the big screen or a 3 part Episode is another thought/idea.

    All the very best…I’ll keep a look out with out a doubt! ; ))

    Michelle Eastern

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