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Antonio Banderas to co-star in Chilean miner film "Los 33"

Antonio Banderas to co-star in Chilean miner film "Los 33"

In 2010 an underground story was unearthed when the world found out that 33 Chilean miners were trapped 2,200 feet below the ground for 69 days. While rescuers thought of ways to bring the miners safe and sound to their families, Hollywood thought of ways to bring the story to the big screen.

“The 33” will be produced by veteran Mike Medavoy who is putting Mexican director Patricia Riggen behind wheel.

During an interview with the Daily Star, Riggen who directed “Under The Same Moon,” revealed that Antonio Banderas will star in the film although she did not reveal the Spanish actor’s role. 

“Antonio Banderas will be part of our team of actors,” she said. “We’re very happy to have him in the cast. But he’s just the first one confirmed. There will be many more.”

At one point, Javier Bardem was rumored to also be part of the assembled cast but there has been no confirmation.

According to the, Riggers and Medavoy met with the Chilean miners last year.

“It’s been an extraordinary experience to meet the miners in person and hear from them the detailed account of their time underground,” Riggen said in a statement. “Since their rescue a little less than two years ago, the real story of their incredible survival has gone untold. In their darkest hour, they struggled to maintain their unity. The collapse brought out the best and the worst in them. Ultimately, the human spirit triumphed and all of them came out alive.”

The publication also noted that the movie will be shot in Chile and produced in English. Filming is set to start January of this year.

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