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Benicio del Toro to be Pablo Escobar in ‘Paradise Lost’!

Pablo Escobar. The Colombian druglord who is considered one of the greatest villains in history is coming to Hollywood’s big screen and Benicio del Toro will play him in “Paradise Lost”.

This will be the first Escobar movie that will made of him, even though Telemundo’s current hit novela, “Pablo Escobar, El Patrón del Mal” is like a mini-movie.

His story has been trying to lift off the ground by various directors: The Grey director Joe Carnahan, The Lincoln Lawyer director Brad Furman, and actors were supposed to play him such as: Javier Bardem, Edgar Ramirez, but no go. It’s been in development hell. 

Italian director Andrea di Stefano, the man who rote an will direct “Paradise Lost” takes an interesting angle on Escobar. The story will revolve around Nick, a surfer who visits his brother in Colombia and falls in love with a gorgeous local girl named Maria. But the couple’s peaceful romance is disrupted when Nick discovers that Pablo Escobar is Maria’s uncle.

It’s iconic characters like this that could catapult Benicio del Toro back into the Oscar fray.

Do you guys think Benicio del Toro will is a good choice to play Colombian kingpin Pablo Escobar?

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