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Best Fan-Made Christopher Reeve Superman Trailer Ever?

There have been a plethora of fan-made Superman trailers here and there, some of them even raising an eyebrow or two for its skill, but after I saw this trailer made by the very adroit YouTube host silverlightsaber, there is no need to see any other one. So far this is the definitive Christopher Reeve Superman trailer, in my opinion. I literally got chills watching it and hearing Hans Zimmer’s Man of Steel composition. It made me appreciate even more the hero, the character and the story of Superman.

But what I liked the most of the trailer wasn’t even in the trailer itself, it was the reason the editor made it: “I love the new Superman film so passionately and am sick of people bashing it and saying how it’s not a true Superman film. This confusing clash between the critics and fans over this film seems unwarranted in my opinion and I believe the film speaks for itself. Due to my love for the original Superman films, I’ve created a new trailer for them synched to the style of the new Man of Steel film in an attempt to prove this tone works for the character despite what some may say. I also love seeing a modern take on the classic tone of the originals as well.

I can’t agree anymore with silverlightsaber. It is exactly how I feel. I too am sick of hearing the unsound criticisms of the film (i.e: there’s too much action, what happened to the comedy?, too dark). People, this is a reinvention of the character for a new generation of filmgoers. My wife said it best when she gave me her opinion on the divisiveness: “I think people are against the movie because they feel if they like it they’ll be disloyal to Christopher Reeve and the legacy he left”. I think she’s right because she felt it, I felt and subconsciously others do too. No one LOVES the original Superman films more than I do, but Nolan, Snyder and Cavill gave us a Superman we can be proud of, one that a film like “Ted” won’t make fun of. I saw Man of Steel twice, once at a press screening in 2D and another in IMAX 3D that I payed for. It was even better the second time around.

And to silverlightsaber, thanks for putting your heart and soul into this trailer, I, if no one else, appreciates it whole heartedly.

You are more than welcome to leave your thoughts and comments below.

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