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Jack Rico


2017/06/15 at 8:40am

‘The Highly Relevant Podcast’: Can Mexico Win The Confederations Cup 2017?, What HBO Latino Is Doing About Latin Comedy

06.15.2017 | By |

Thank you for listening to episode 36 of the Highly Relevant podcast. It’s soccer week and between World Cup Qualifiers and International Friendlies, soccer fans are getting ready for this weekend’s Confederations Cup, a precursor tournament before the World Cup 2018. We talk to Luis Miguel Echegaray, Head of Latino Content at Sports Illustrated about why we should watch it, Mexico’s clash vs. Portugal and Cristiano Ronaldo, and Colombia’s superstar James Rodriguez, what is his future, what team will he eventually play for, will Mexico and Colombia make it to the World Cup? Read More

Jack Rico


2017/06/12 at 10:50am

‘The Highly Relevant Podcast’: Will White Audiences See Pixar’s ‘Coco’? How Did ‘The Mummy’ Go So Wrong?

06.12.2017 | By |

On episode 35 this week, we focus on Tom Cruise’s The Mummy reboot. I talk to Mike Sargent, Chief Film Critic of WBAI Radio who also contributes film reviews nationally on the FOX Business Network with Maria Bartiromo, on what went wrong and what it means for Universal Pictures Dark Universe. We also chat Pixar’s Coco with Latino film critic Kellvin Chavez of Read More

Jack Rico


2017/06/07 at 7:54am

Pixar’s ‘Coco’ Announces All-Latino Voice Cast, Reveals New Poster

06.7.2017 | By |

Back in March we posted the new trailer to Disney/Pixar’s Coco. Now, they have announced their new Latino voice cast, plus has revealed a first look at their new poster. According to co-director Adrian Molina, “Our voice cast is incredibly talented, helping to shape our eclectic group of characters. Each actor has told us they find something relatable in this film, so they’re finding it easy to capture the heart of this story—it’s all about family, so we hope that these characters will resonate with everyone.” Check out the full cast after the jump. Read More

Andrea Huswan


2017/06/02 at 8:14am

Shakira’s ‘El Dorado’ (Album Review)

06.2.2017 | By |

Shakira’s 11th album El Dorado is a love letter to Colombia. The title itself refers to Colombia’s “lost city,” full of alluring mystery and enchantment. With thirteen tracks, the album is predominantly sung in Spanish, with four tracks in English, and one track in French. While some artists crash and burn while trying to transition into different genres, Shakira proves that she still has it in her and most importantly, her hits don’t lie. Read More

Jack Rico


2017/05/20 at 3:35pm

‘The Highly Relevant Podcast’: Juanes Talks New Visual Album, Shakira, Reggaeton and Crossing-Over / The “Latinization” of ESPN

05.20.2017 | By |

Welcome to episode 32 of the Highly Relevant podcast. This is the show for those of you who love to live on the intersection of American and Latino pop culture. We talk to Colombian superstar JUANES about some important questions such as why he hasn’t ever collaborated with his Colombian counterpart Shakira, why he will never ever sing reggaeton and why it’s not in him to do a English-language crossover. Also, I talk to Hugo Balta, the senior director of Hispanic Initiatives for ESPN, who is one of the executives responsible for Hispanicizing ESPN. We discuss everything from Latino accents to bilingual sports shows and everything in between. Plus, we listen to the top new songs from Latino artists and a recap of the most highly relevant US Latino stories of the week! Read More

Jack Rico


2017/05/13 at 7:06pm

Lowriders (Movie Review)

05.13.2017 | By |

The 1-4-0: Ricardo de Montreuil’s #Lowriders leaves the clichéd gang and drug storylines to the side and focuses on creating characters true to life through the lens of the rich culture of East LA.  Read More

Jack Rico


2017/05/11 at 10:33pm

‘The Highly Relevant Podcast’: Theo Rossi Talks ‘Lowriders,’ ‘Combate Americas’ Latino MMA, ‘King Arthur’ Movie Review

05.11.2017 | By |

Thank you for listening to episode 31 of the Highly Relevant podcast. It’s testosterone week! On this episode we get some LOWRIDER culture! Theo Rossi, known for his work as “Juice” Ortiz in Sons of Anarchy, joins me to talk about his new role in the Latino film LOWRIDERS! We also go one on one with two of the toughest men in MMA – the CEO and President of Combate AmericasCampbell McClaren and Alberto “El Patron” Rodriguez, formerly known to many WWE fans as Alberto Del Rio, in what I can only describe as an uncensored, candid and entertaining interview with two men in search of becoming the #1 MMA federation in the world. And we also review Charlie Hunnam’s new action adventure film – King Arthur: Legend of the Sword, plus, a listen at my week’s favorite music playlist and a recap of the top stories in US Latino pop culture this week! Read More

Jack Rico


2017/04/21 at 4:02pm

The Highly Relevant Podcast: Why Justin Bieber’s ‘Despacito’ Remix Is A Cultural Failure

04.21.2017 | By |

This might actually be the best show I’ve done. I break down the new Justin Bieber “Despacito” Remix with well known Radio DJ and performer Diamond Boy Luis. We didn’t like it and we explain why. Also, Ulises Bella from the popular LA band Ozomatli joins us to talk about their NYC concert in Brooklyn, the electricity of their live-performances, plus their collaboration with Juanes and Gaby Moreno on their new album “NONSTOP-LA→MEXICO→KINGSTON”. And then to cap it off, we welcome Latin music’s most respected voice, Billboard’s Leila Cobo to discuss her exclusive interview with J Balvin and Nicky Jam on this week’s Latin Billboard Magazine. Read More

Jack Rico


2017/04/14 at 8:23am

‘The Highly Relevant Podcast’: Jessica Lucas on ‘Gotham’ and ‘Wonder Woman,’ ‘Fate of the Furious’ Movie Review

04.14.2017 | By |

Thank you for downloading episode 28 of the Highly Relevant podcast. On today’s episode, we welcome GOTHAM’s Jessica Lucas who plays the villain Tigress and she discuss her thoughts on women in superhero movies plus working with Uruguayan director Fede Alvarez. Plus, my review of the highly anticipated Fate of the Furious and a recap of all the top music, tv and movie news you’ve missed this week! Read More

Jack Rico


2017/04/12 at 1:05pm

Excellent Trailer of Salma Hayek’s ‘Beatriz at Dinner’

04.12.2017 | By |

It is a rarity to see films with a central Hispanic lead, specially with one who possesses a strong accent such as Salma Hayek. But somehow, America forgives her (and a select few) and they allow themselves to be treated to the screenwriter’s imagination and the director’s vision of a story. These characteristics and more are in full display in Beatriz at Dinner. Puerto Rican director Miguel Arteta, who made a favorite film of mine, Youth In Revolt, starring Michael Cera, casts Salma Hayek in what will arguably be known as her best performance since her Oscar nomination in 2002’s Frida. This is the type of films Latinos should aspire to be a part of – dark comedies with a melding of Caucasians and Latino sensibilities; those which break from the storytelling of border-crossing or drug cartels. Beatriz at Dinner seems to offer a new paradigm for Latino actors, one which they should be watching with a discerning eye. Read More

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