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Latinos! What language of content do you consume more?

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Jack Rico


2016/12/03 at 11:07pm

What I’m Seeing And Reading This Week… Part 1

One of my favorite endeavors is to be well-informed and well read on almost every subject matter ranging from politics to pop culture. I like to share what I’m reading, seeing and listening to, but also intrigued to hear what other people’s current obsessions are as well. So moving forward, we’ll begin the first installment of a new weekly feature article titled – “What I’m Obsessing On This Week”. Read on and let me know what you’re obsessing about this week. Read More

Jack Rico


2016/07/13 at 5:09pm

Should I Get This Fedora?

Back in the day, during my Frank Sinatra phase, I would wear fedoras that never fit me well (I couldn’t afford new ones before), so I never maximized the look. Now that I’m at an age where wisdom and character meet, I might be able to pull them off now, maybe. Right after I finished doing a show over NY1, inside the enchanting Chelsea Market, Rag & Bone was having sale on this bad boy. I wanted to get it, but… no one is using the classic fedora’s anymore so I had my doubts. What do you peeps think?


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