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Honoring Philip Seymour Hoffman’s Birthday: 5 Great, Lesser-Known Roles:

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Jack Rico


2014/07/27 at 1:55pm

New Trailer: The Remake of “Mad Max” Is Here And Its Glorious!

07.27.2014 | By |

From the mad mind of George Miller, the original creator of the ‘Mad Max’ trilogy, the new trailer of ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ has just dropped and it it is a visual spectacle! It looks like Cirque Du Soleil in the dessert. Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron star. Read More

Jack Rico


2014/07/24 at 10:16am

Exclusive New Trailer: ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’

07.24.2014 | By |

It’s finally here! The first ever film trailer of ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey‘. There are no A-List actors in the cast, but who cares, it’s always been about the story anyway. Get ready to get sexified on Valentines Day 2015! Read More

Jack Rico


2014/07/21 at 11:35am

New Trailer: ‘The Imitation Game’ Looks Like An Oscar Best Pic

07.21.2014 | By |

Movies with themes of WWII or geniuses or mathematicians in central characters - think ‘Good Will Hunting,’ ‘A Beautiful Mind’ – usually get lots of love from the Oscar committee. The latest is ‘The Imitation Game‘ from The Weinstein Company. It has all the markings, characteristics and traits you can ask for. The trailer is compelling even though most of the stars are not A list. Regardless, ‘The Hurt Locker’ won Best Pic with an unknown cast at the time. Look for ‘The Imitation Game’ to make some awards noise this Fall.  Read More

Jack Rico


2014/07/17 at 1:33pm

New Trailer: ‘Annabelle,’ The Prequel To ‘The Conjuring’

07.17.2014 | By |

The best horror movie of last year was James Wan’s “The Conjuring“. It was creepy, frightening, but above all fun! Wan who is now producing, has surprisingly released a prequel as opposed to a sequel to what is starting to look like New Line Cinema’s new horror franchise around the devil doll – Annabelle. Read More

Jack Rico


2014/06/25 at 9:36am

New Trailer: ‘Fury’ starring Brad Pitt, Michael Peña

06.25.2014 | By |

The last WWII movie I saw was “Monuments Men” from George Clooney. It was a disappointment. Clooney’s best friend, Brad Pitt, has decided to do one as well but with more bite, more drama and darker. Watch the trailer of “Fury” which also stars Shia LeBouef and Logan Lerman. Is it Oscar worthy?  Read More

Jack Rico


2014/06/19 at 8:03pm

New Trailer: ‘The Judge’ starring Robert Downey Jr.

06.19.2014 | By |

Warner Bros. just released Robert Downey Jr.‘s brand new trailer of ‘The Judge‘. It is in my opinion a film full of Oscar potential. Filled with an Academy Award cast, a magnificent soundtrack, an enthralling premise and an October release, WB seems to be positioning it for an Oscar run.  Read More

Jack Rico


2014/06/17 at 11:57am

New Trailer: International ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’

06.17.2014 | By |

I’ve been sleeping on this film because I’m not that familiar with the characters, but after seeing this new international UK trailer for ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy‘…whoa! I think this movie is going to be a great addition to the Marvel family! The US versions haven’t wowed me, but this one brought it home for me. Watch it now! Read More

Jack Rico


2014/06/12 at 5:03pm

New Trailer: ‘Cantinflas’

06.12.2014 | By |

It’s finally here after so many years! Check out the new trailer for CANTINFLAS! Read More

Mariana Dussan


2014/06/09 at 10:01am

The 6 Best Recently Released Trailers!

06.9.2014 | By |

Everyday there are several film trailers coming out, but there are only some that have “it” factor to capture your attention in under two minutes. From dramas, to comedies, to animation and more, these six clips managed to be the best trailers recently released: Read More

Jack Rico


2014/05/12 at 2:17pm

New Trailer: ‘And So It Goes’ Starring Michael Douglas, Diane Keaton

05.12.2014 | By |

Rob Reiner, director of the classic ‘When Harry met Sally‘, is back with what he knows best, romantic comedies. This time, he recruits one of the iconic rom-com queens in Diane Keaton along Michael Douglas to give us a match made in heaven in - ‘And So It Goes’. Will the movie work. Will a younger also go out to see it? Check out the latest trailer we just got and see for yourself!  Read More

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