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Jack Rico


2017/09/22 at 2:34pm

PODCAST: Is 2017 Worst Oscar Season Ever?, HBO’s ‘Clinica de Migrantes,’ An Educational Latino App For Kids

09.22.2017 | By |

On this 50th episode, we chat with Wilson Morales from on the underwhelming Oscar season this year, we also talk to Russian director Max Pozdorovkin about his new HBO documentary ‘Clinica de Migrantes‘, radio personality Yako shares with us his musical selection this week and Deborah Castillero, a Latina entrepreneur who developed a Latino app that teaches children to speak Spanish and English, stops by to discuss the challenges in creating the app and the advantages to having your children learn a second language.  Read More

Jack Rico


2017/09/15 at 6:04pm

PODCAST: Andres and Barbara Muschetti Talk ‘IT’, Bodega Talk with Liz Segran, ‘NBCLatino20’ List

09.15.2017 | By |

On this week’s episode, we are psyched to have Andres and Barbara Muschetti, the Argentinian siblings who directed and produced, respectively, the #1 movie currently in America – the horror film “IT”. We discuss how “IT” draws parallels to the Trump administration and the current state of the country, the reason they didn’t cast a Latino kid actor and what Guillermo del Toro texted them on opening weekend.   Read More

Jack Rico


2017/09/09 at 11:07am

PODCAST: #DACA And What It Means To You, Are Kids Cursing In Movies Ethical?, Review of ‘IT’ Movie

09.9.2017 | By |

If you are someone who’s been hearing about DACA this whole week and are curious about how it works and why it’s so important, we talk to Caitlin Patler, she basically holds a Ph.D. in #DACA, and has written several important papers on the subject. She joins us to explain in detail what you need to know. Then, what’s with kids cursing in movies? Between the Bad Moms 2 trailer and the IT clown movie, has Hollywood lost its values? We talk to Tara McNamara, an authority on family films about why parents have been silent on the topic. And speaking of the new horror remake of IT, we have our FIRST REACTION of the film. Is it really scary and was “it” worth the wait? Read More

Jack Rico


2017/09/01 at 1:04pm

PODCAST: Sports Illustrated Goes Latino, The Future of Latin Music in the US

09.1.2017 | By |

We’re sending love and prayers to Houston, Texas. On this week’s episode, our good friend Luis Miguel Echegaray, the head of Latino content for Sports Illustrated stopped by to talk about their new initiative for Hispanic sports fans.  Also, as the ‘Despacito’ phenomenon winds down, where does Latin music go from here? Some say it has a bright future in mainstream, others aren’t as optimistic. Pop culture writer Julyssa Lopez visits the show to discuss her most recent article in the Washington Post titled, “What’s next for Latin music after the summer of ‘Despacito?” where she explores these questions thoroughly. Read More

Jack Rico


2017/08/31 at 6:53pm

PODCAST: A Breakdown of John Leguizamo’s Billboard Article and What It Means For All Latinos

08.31.2017 | By |

Colombian Actor John Leguizamo has had enough with how Hollywood treats Latinos. This week he wrote an article on, “From Music to Movies to TV, Latinos Are Widely Underrepresented – And I’m Done With It” and he essentially calls out executives for being ignorant and blind, he calls out Latinos for being silent and not doing anything to improve the situation and he calls out mainstream media for mostly dismissing our culture altogether. Is he right? Our good friend Kellvin Chavez, founder of and EIC of weighs in on what Leguizamo got right and wrong about Latinos in Hollywood. Have a listen above ⬆️. Read More

Jack Rico


2017/08/25 at 7:46pm

PODCAST: Carlos Santana, Dolores Huerta, ‘Narcos’ Season 3, #HispanicsBreakTheInternet, NY Times Simon Romero on Spanish

08.25.2017 | By |

On this week’s show, we talk to Latina icon Dolores Huerta and music legend Carlos Santana. They spoke to me about their new documentary DOLORES that focuses on the impact Huerta and Cesar Chavez had in the life of millions of Latino immigrants in the 60’s in this country.  Then we head to Cali, Colombia, that is via Narcos Season 3, and I talk to its Colombian director Andrés Baiz who tells me in a very candid and honest interview about how he wrestles with the dilemma of being a Colombian and filming a cartel show that reopens wounds for many of his people.  Also, what is the ultimate fate of the Spanish language in the United States? Will it become Spanglish or will it eventually disappear? Should Univision and Telemundo become English-language networks, should MTV welcome Spanish-language videos and should Miami Latinos stop speaking Spanish so much and embrace English more? New York Times national correspondent, Simon Romero, drops by the show to discuss his new article on the relationship Latinos have with Spanish in the US.  And did you guys hear about #HispanicsBreakTheInternet? It’s a hashtag that went viral this past weekend and ended up trending #1 in the country! We spoke to James Detar, the person who revived and set off the whole thing. Read More

Jack Rico


2017/08/18 at 3:09pm

PODCAST: Is MTV Culturally Bias Against Spanish-language Music? Bomba Estéreo Talks AYO and Spanglish

08.18.2017 | By |

We’re sending our love and prayers to the people of Barcelona who suffered a senseless terrorist attack. But on a lighter note, this is probably one the best podcast shows we’ve done. We chat with Mesfin Fekadu, music editor of the Associated Press, who broke the story about Despacito not being nominated at this year’s VMA’s. Did this happen because of cultural bias? We dissect all the variables, along with some of our thoughts on whether MTV should start playing Spanish-language music videos. Then I talk to Colombia’s hottest band of the moment, Bomba Estéreo, about their new album AYO, music and race, coca leaves, payola in the music business, and their love for the street language of Spanglish. Read More

Jack Rico


2017/08/09 at 9:02am

PODCAST: April Reign on Boycotting HBO’s ‘Confederate,’ How Will Venezuela’s Problems Affect US Latinos?

08.9.2017 | By |

On the podcast this week, we talk MTV’s TRL reboot and how they need to seize the Latino music opportunity to be successful, plus, we discuss HBO and it’s controversial new slave series ‘Confederate’ with the creator of the #OscarSoWhite April Reign. She and four women have now created the #NoConfederate campaign to boycott the show. Will HBO succumb to social media pressure? Read More

Jack Rico


2017/07/29 at 6:47pm

PODCAST: We Review Romeo Santos New Album ‘GOLDEN’

07.29.2017 | By |

*This is a US Latino podcast for anyone who enjoys American and Latino pop culture.

On episode 42 of the Highly Relevant Podcast with Jack Rico, we talk J Balvin’s ‘Mi Gente’. Many people are already calling it the next ‘Despacito’ phenomenon for its potential to become #1 on the HOT 100. So… can it make it to #1?

We also review Romeo Santos‘ new album ‘Golden’ with Isabela Raygoza, Rolling Stone Magazine’s Latina music critic, who also discusses with us her Q&A with Romeo and whether he can make Bachata mainstream in America.

And, how is the Prince Royce tour going? I speak with singer and good friend, Cáthia, who is currently touring with him as his back-up singer, on an impromptu phone call where she tells me the inside details of her sexy solos she performs with Royce every night, how she got the gig and how she felt to sing in her front of her hometown NY at MSG. Read More

Jack Rico


2017/07/21 at 3:13pm

NEW PODCAST: Will “Despacito” Open Floodgates For More Spanish Music Crossovers? Tomás Reyes On How “Beyond Food” Doc Can Improve Your Life

07.21.2017 | By |

On episode 41, we talk Despacito with Senior Media Reporter from the NY POST, Claire Atkinson, to breakdown for me how the song became that big and how much $$ she thinks Justin Bieber made from this summer hit. Also, Colombian director Tomas Reyes, who did an English language documentary about healthy living called BEYOND FOOD, stops by to discuss how you can improve your health by making more educated decisions.

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