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Jack Rico


2016/09/23 at 1:57pm

‘Highly Relevant’ Podcast Ep. 7 – Mark Consuelos On Breaking Hispanic Stereotypes, Anthony Mendez On Emmy Love, Tanzina Vega On Media Diversity

09.23.2016 | By |

In this seventh episode, actor Mark Consuelos, whose new show PITCH premiered this week on FOX, talks to me about what it’s like to co-host with his wife, “Live with Kelly Ripa,” the most coveted seat in morning television right now, plus, his opinion on whether he feels more Hispanic or American, and his answer on what his favorite album is… will leave you crying.  Read More

Jack Rico


2016/09/16 at 7:10am

‘Highly Relevant’ Podcast Ep. 6: Rafael Amaya on Crossing Over, Enrique Santos From Univision to iHeartLatino

09.16.2016 | By |

Episode 6 of the HIGHLY RELEVANT podcast is here! Two big A-list guests join me this week to discuss television and radio. Rafael Amaya, the star of Telemundo’s “El Señor de los Cielos” and Enrique Santos, the new Chairman and CCO of iHeartLatino.  Read More

Jack Rico


2016/09/09 at 11:02pm

‘Highly Relevant’ Podcast Ep. 5 En Español: Cristy Marrero De HOLA! USA, Kika Rocha Habla NYFW

09.9.2016 | By |

I did a Spanish version podcast. Hice un podcast completamente en español. It’s so cool to be bilingual. If you’re not, learn a new language and give it a try, it feels exhilarating. The benefits of expanding your message, conveying more, listening to more, more, more of everything are such a head rush. I wish I knew many more. This is one of the reasons I did this podcast en español…  Read More

Jack Rico


2016/09/03 at 5:42pm

‘Highly Relevant’ Podcast Ep. 4: Willie Geist, Fall Movie Preview, Richard Tanne

09.3.2016 | By |

This fourth episode sees me getting in a groove with my podcast. I asked Willie Geist, who has interviewed me for TODAY’s pop culture segments for the last 3 years, to come on the podcast and he said yes. The interview was actually supposed to happen 2 weeks ago, but the Olympics kicked in and we thought it better to push it to this weekend when his new SUNDAY TODAY show was back on air. The interview went fantastic just like I thought it would. Willie reminds me a bit of the gentlemen anchors of yesteryear who gave media its stature. Think Sydney Lumet’s NETWORK and the cachet that dripped even off of the junior producers. We discussed a wide array of subjects from the art of interviewing people, the problem of soccer in America, how and when he became enamored with hip-hop and the show and how he was approached to do the new SUNDAY TODAY show, amongst other subjects. (1:05)

Read More

Jack Rico


2016/08/26 at 10:06am

‘Highly Relevant’ Podcast Ep. 3: Latin Music, Horror Films, MTV’s VMAs

08.26.2016 | By |

I’m 3 weeks in doing the Highly Relevant podcast and it’s been a wondrous experience. I LOVE pop culture, but I detest the idea of having it be limited by a single language or culture. I want to talk to both sides of who I am – American and Latino. By tapping both sides, I get to discuss subjects that only enrich the conversations I’m having. There’s a global, international vibe to the dialogues I conduct and this third episode is a nice example of it. Read More

Jack Rico


2016/08/20 at 7:47pm

A Candid Interview With Nick Lachey On Ep.2 Of The ‘Highly Relevant’ Podcast

08.20.2016 | By |

I’m pretty proud of having produced the second episode of ‘Highly Relevant’ podcast all by myself (if you guys want to know bad enough how I did, I’ll write about it here one of these days). This week, I had the wonderful pleasure of interviewing Nick Lachey. He is someone whose work I not only admired with 98 Degrees and as a solo artist, but someone I had the distinct delight in working with at VH1’s Big Morning Buzz last year. You can listen beginning at (1:13). The three things that stood out the most from the interview were the 98 Degrees album he’s most proud of, the full story on how their biggest hit “The Hardest Thing” almost never got recorded and a Whoopi Goldberg quote he recited to me that will change anyone’s life.  Read More

Jack Rico


2016/07/18 at 2:52pm

A New Pop Culture Podcast For You And Me

07.18.2016 | By |

*(Premiering Friday, August 12th)
Living in New York City is unlike any other city in the entire world. Sure, many global cities might look like it, but none of them offer the diversity, culture and smarts we do. I like to think of my new podcast – HIGHLY RELEVANT – much like my own New York City, one where diversity is welcomed and embraced, where arts & culture are top of mind, and, just a cool place to enjoy highly relevant conversations with some really talented people, some of whom you should already know… and some you should get to know. HIGHLY RELEVANT

Think filmmakers, actors, musicians, writers and journalists… how are they shaping pop culture and what does that mean for us? They say, “it’s about the journey,” well, I’d love for you to join me on this journey, one where you and I will hopefully learn a thing or two right within the confines of your #headphones. And don’t just be a listener, be a participant! Let me know what topics you’d like me to cover and who you’d like me to interview. This will be OUR podcast. The HIGHLY RELEVANT podcast with yours truly… every Friday beginning August 12th.

Jack Rico


2016/07/13 at 8:25am

Here’s The Podcast Where Neil Rosen And I Argued About ‘The Secret Life of Pets’

07.13.2016 | By |

Apart from debating women’s place in Hollywood and the controversies surrounding the new Ghostbusters reboot (13:27), I had a chance to visit Neil Rosen, Bill McCuddy and Bill Bregoli on their weekly podcast – Sitting Around Talking Movies – we tackled The Secret Life of Pets (16:48) and whether adults would like this animated film. Then we look at Len and Company and The Duel which are available on-demand. It’s culture and ecto-plasm all in one podcast!

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