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June 30th

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Jack Rico


2016/08/29 at 1:01pm

TODAY: Breaking Down MTV’s VMAs, J-Lo & Marc Anthony, Rob Lowe’s Roast

08.29.2016 | By |

This TODAY show segment I did this morning on Kathie Lee & Hoda was absolutely cool. It was bicultural and it felt like an extension of me and my HIGHLY RELEVANT podcast, which you should listen to if you haven’t. Overall, it was just fun to talk about the Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony event which was such a Latino subject, since the concert was in Spanish, with salsa music and the song No Me Ames is a Spanish-language tune. Also, I enjoyed being able to discuss my dissatisfaction with MTV’s VMAs on my podcast, then break it down the morning after on national TV. Truly a blessing for a professional in the pop culture industry. Hope you enjoy it!
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Jack Rico


2016/08/24 at 10:52am

How Lousy Was ‘The Sea Of Trees’? Listen In To My Review In This Podcast

08.24.2016 | By |

I had a chance to visit Neil Rosen, Bill McCuddy and Bill Bregoli on their weekly podcast – Sitting Around Talking Movies – where we tackled Hands of Stone, (1:31) a boxing film about Roberto Duran that Neil only seemed to like (De Niro was terrible in it, also, we were off to the chariot races with the new and awful Ben Hur. And if that’s not enough we look at Blood Father starring Mel Gibson as well as the ensemble film The Intervention and the indie The Sea of Trees with Matthew McConaughey.

Jack Rico


2016/07/21 at 11:24am

What To See This Weekend On Demand: ‘The Duel,’ ‘Green Room,’ ‘Len and Company’

07.21.2016 | By |

If you’re a movie buff, which I know some of you are, you should really watch this 30m show on NY1 called – Talking Pictures On Demand. I was a guest for the second time and it really breaks down with a fine tooth comb the new releases and movies that are currently “on demand”. We reviewed “The Duel” starring Liam Hemsworth and Woody Harrelson, “Len and Company,” “Green Room” and Jake Gyllenhaal’s “Demolition,” amongst others. Plus, a look at the brand-new Ghostbusters reboot. Click video above to have a look!

Jack Rico


2016/07/20 at 3:30pm

TODAY: Wanna Play A Game Of Moon Trivia?

07.20.2016 | By |

The TODAY show green room was packed when I arrived this morning. I bumped into the members of a band I had not heard of until today called NEED TO BREATHE (in capital letters). I’m actually listening to them on Spotify right now and I like they’re sound a lot. They sound very Mumford & Sons meet Imagine Dragons. Watch them get famous before my very eyes. At least I have them recorded on my FB Live video.  The reason for my appearance this morning with Kathie Lee & Hoda was for a regular segment called WHO KNEW?, a fun and informative trivia game where Kathie Lee asks people at the NBC Store questions based on a theme. If they get it right they win $100 on the spot, if they get it wrong they win an autographed Kathie Lee CD. My role is to give the answers context and color, thus hopefully interesting viewers in something else beyond the simple answer. You get learn and have fun at the same time. Today’s topic was MOON references in pop culture because today is National Moon Day. Take a look at the clip and see how many you can answer.

Jack Rico


2016/07/14 at 3:01pm

TV: The Complete 2016 Emmy Nominees List

07.14.2016 | By |

Here is the complete list of nominees from this morning:

Outstanding Narrator
Adrien Brody, “Breakthrough”
Keith David, “Jackie Robinson”
*Anthony Mendez, “Jane The Virgin” (Latino)
David Attenborough, “Life Story”
Laurence Fishburne, “Roots”

Outstanding Actor In A Short Form Comedy Or Drama Series
Rob Corddry, “Childrens Hospital”
Rob Huebel, “Childrens Hospital”
Lou Diamond Phillips, “The Crossroads Of History“
*Oscar Nuñez, “The Crossroads Of History” (Latino)
Jack McBrayer as Ollie, “Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell” Read More

Jack Rico


2016/07/13 at 4:41pm

HBO Is About To Debut A Comedy About Weed In September

07.13.2016 | By |

According to the press release I got, HBO has confirmed the debut date for HIGH MAINTENANCE, with the comedy series slated to kick off its six-episode season on Friday, Sept 16 (11:00 – 11:30pm). It used to be stream on Amazon Prime which I spoke about once on VH1’s Big Morning Buzz, but Viacom took down all the videos… well that’s a whole other conversation for another day.

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Jack Rico


2016/07/07 at 9:43am

Watch My ‘What To Do’ Weekend Suggestions On TODAY!

07.7.2016 | By |


The opening comment from Willie and Natalie about what I’m wearing is hilarious. And there’s some good info in the segment too about some ideas of what to see and read this weekend.

Jack Rico


2016/02/24 at 12:22pm

This John OIiver Video Nails EXACTLY Hollywood’s Whitewashing

02.24.2016 | By |

With the academy awards coming up, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver tackles Hollywood whitewashing in a humorous yet unflinching way. The focus of the video is self-explanatory, but this whole idea that there aren’t enough good roles for people of color is utter balderdash. Even when roles do exist, they still can be played by white actors. Just ask Emma Stone. Her portrayal of a half-Asian woman in Aloha is perhaps the most egregious act of whitewashing in the modern era. Read More

Jack Rico


2016/02/12 at 9:52pm

Watch The First ‘House Of Cards’ Season 4 Trailer

02.12.2016 | By |

Let the binging begin on March 4, 2016! It’s that time of the year again when ‘House Of Cards’ comes to Netflix and all us terrestrials hide in our homes for 2 or 3 days, ordering food on our phone apps with our PJ’s on. That armpit stench starts to get outta hand and right there and then you know it’s time to hit pause on your remote – or joystick – and take a hot shower. Read More

Jack Rico


2016/01/29 at 10:45pm

Latino Singers Jencarlos Canela and Prince Royce Cast In FOX’s Live Musical ‘The Passion’

01.29.2016 | By |

Jencarlos Canela, known mostly for his Spanish-language work on Telemundo, Univision and who is currently in the studio working on his English album debut, has been cast in the role of Jesus Christ in THE PASSION, a live two-hour epic musical event airing in New Orleans on Palm Sunday, March 20 on FOX. Also, bachata singer turned pop singer Prince Royce will be playing the disciple Peter. Joining them are singer Chris Daughtry as Judas and Trisha Yearwood as Mary, the mother of Jesus.  Read More

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