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The 5 Best Fashion Documentaries To See During NY Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week is over this week and for those who have had the privilege to attend or for those who have not been able to attend or be a part of the festivities, we honor the Fall 2014 New York Fashion Week with the 5 Best Fashion Documentaries to get you New York Fashion State of Mind.

5. “Catwalk” (1995) – Robert Leacock

Take a deeper look at the relationship between designers and supermodels as Christy Turlington takes you behind the scenes during fashion weeks in Milan, Paris and New York. Go back in time 20 years to one of the most exciting times in high fashion with some of the most iconic designers and models who indisputably still reign the world of fashion today.

4. “In Vogue—The Editor’s Eye” (2012) – Fenton Bailey, Randy Barbato

One of the reasons for fashion week is for journalists to tell readers what’s in and what’s out. Back in 1943 New York had its first fashion week in order to pull attention away from Paris and onto the city’s designers whom were always looked over. Vogue was one of the first magazines to feature American talent. In celebration of Vogue’s 120th anniversary, the film highlights some of the magazine’s most prominent editors and their most influential works.

3. “Unzipped” (1995) – Douglas Keeve

Since it is fashion week in New York, it is only fair that I highlight one of the city’s most influential designers, Issac Mizrahi. This 1995 film follows the Brooklyn born designer during the creation of his fall 1994 collection for NYFW, after his summer 1993 line was regarded a failure. This is an open book into the brilliant artist as he uses excitement, innovation and humor to combat the chaos and stress that comes with the job.

2. “The Tents” (2012) – James Belzer

The big white tents were an unspoken sign for all New Yorkers that for a week, the world had their eyes on them. Open up an 18 year time capsule and discover the history of New York Fashion week when it was held in Bryant Park as told by some of the city’s greatest designers and insiders.

1. “Bill Cunningham New York”(2010) – Richard Press

We all know New York is a one-of-a-kind city, but Bill Cunningham lived to tell that tale through photography. For decades, this passionate artist has been riding around the city on a bicycle wearing his trademark blue workman’s coat capturing still images of street-style for the New York Times. Take an inside look at not only his work but his life inside a tiny apartment which is crammed with boxes of his work and has no private bathroom, closet or kitchen.

What did you think of our picks? Share your thoughts in the comments below. 

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