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Demián Bichir, Jude Law’s ‘DOM’ picked up by Fox

Mexican actor Demián Bechir and Jude Law made a film called DOM HEMINGWAY that will now be officially distributed by Fox Searchlight Pictures.

Jude Law plays Dom Hemingway, a larger-than-life safecracker with a loose fuse who is funny, profane, and dangerous.  After twelve years in prison, he sets off with his partner in crime Dickie (Richard E. Grant) looking to collect what he’s owed for keeping his mouth shut and protecting his boss Mr. Fontaine (Demián Bechir). After a near death experience, Dom tries to re-connect with his estranged daughter (Emilia Clarke), but is soon drawn back into the only world he knows, looking to settle the ultimate debt.

Word on the film is that it has a rich array of characters and sharp dialogue and supposedly Jude Law gives a clever and outrageous performance as Dom that is completely transformative, unlike anything you have seen him do before.

The film also stars Richard E. Grant, and Emilia Clarke. It is written and directed by Richard Shepard. The film is scheduled to be released in 2014. 

Fox Searchlight Pictures is the indie arm of 20 Century Fox.

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