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Did Dave Filoni Reveal ‘Star Wars Rebels’ Character Will Appear in ‘Rogue One’?

Yesterday Lucasfilm revealed the new trailer for the second season of the animated series Star Wars Rebels. Set between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope, Rebels follows the story of the ragtag crew of the Ghost in their fight against the Empire.While the first season had a rocky start the series gradually improved, echoing the original films both in style, tone, and quality. The season ended with an incredibly strong two-parter, which not only revealed that secret Rebel agent “Fulcrum” was really fan favorite Ahsoka Tano (Anakin Skywalker’s former padawan), but also featured the welcome return of James Earl Jones as the voice of Darth Vader. During the press conference our own Adam Garcia had the chance to ask Dave Filoni about Lucasfilm’s Story Group and here’s what happened:

Adam: In regards to the Lucasfilm Story Group, how much are you allowed to play with from the other films, and how much influence will Rebels have on the movies and vice versa?

Dave Filoni (DF): Well, everything effects each other in as far as their time periods are concerned and as far as you think it would echo out, if it makes sense. You know if someone down the line is creating a story in whatever medium, it doesn’t have to be a film, and you so okay, this is a Rebellion story and they have a secret agent for the Rebels is feeding information, the Story Group can say well we have that and we call him Fulcrum here, now does it makes sense to be called Fulcrum there?

What’s great is that we have a group of people that are now fully aware of all the continuities, that can reach out to the different creatives and keep it all in line. So, you know if there was movie that was very close to the time period that I was doing, we would be in constant contact. I mean I’ve met all the directors of all the films and talk to them and it’s—it’s fun. You know a lot of that we just do politely, but a lot sometimes we talk creatively just cause you know, its Star Wars, we’re all fans of it. We all grew up with it. This whole generation of lead creatives grew up with Star Wars, so we all just have that in common. Everyone’s kind of like “Can you believe what we’re doing? It’s so fun!”

So the important thing is the Story Group binds us together and keeps the continuity straight and could it effect the films? Sure. Does the film effect us? Sure. But it works all directions, even you know, as mentioned the comic books, video games… The best thing I can say about it is, it is just an effort by a group of people that love Star Wars. That try to make it all great all work as well as it can. We don’t ever want to put something out that’s just like okay. And I don’t want to make an animated series and people are like “yeah that was okay.” You know, you try to make it the best you can, whatever that bar is, so that fans are always equating a high bar with Star Wars, which makes it very tough. But I think that’s the challenge. That’s what we have to shoot for. You know so far so good.

Adam: I mean, I just want Ahsoka in Rogue One, is all I’m saying.

DF: Is that right?

Adam: Oh, it would be amazing! It’s right there! It lines up so perfectly!

DF: How about that?

Adam: Eh, it’s what I suggest.

DF: That’s when you get me in a dangerous zone… right of… You know… See how I’m stopping?

Did Filoni almost imply that Ahsoka may appear in some form in the upcoming film Rogue One? What do you think? Let us know in the comment section below!


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