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Edgar Ramirez will become a priest in new movie

Edgar Ramirez will become a priest in new movie

A Latino actor will soon need a priestly robe to go with his brand new role.

According to Screen Gems has set Edgar Ramirez to star in their next film, “Beware The Night.” This paranormal thriller directed by Scott Derrickson tells the story of a New York cop investigating a crime. Ramirez will play a renegade priest who teams up with the cop after convincing him the case involves demon possessions, exorcisms and werewolves. Also starring in the film will be Eric Bana as the cop and Olivia Munn as his wife. 

Beware The Night” is a project we’ve been developing for many years, confident that a story which combines the paranormal with a gritty New York City police story is both original and strongly appealing to audiences,” Producer Jerry Bruckheimer said in an interview with the publication. “We’re also thrilled to have Eric Bana, Edgar Ramirez, and Olivia Munn, three really fine actors whose strongly defined roles in ‘Beware The Night’ will allow them to give full range to their skills.”

On Monday also announced that the Venezuelan actor will star in “Hands of Stone” as the legendary Panamanian boxer Roberto Duran opposite of Rober De Niro who will play the boxer’s famed trainer, Ray Arcel.

In less than a week Ramirez has been announced to star in two separate movies and you may ask:  “Is this a big deal?” Luckily, we are here to respond: “Duh!” It takes some actors months or even years to find one role so yes it is an enormous deal and it truly speaks for his talent, which Hollywood is obviously starting to notice more and more every day.

Besides the Latino boxer and rebellious priest, throughout his career the Venezuelan actor has built up a diverse CV which includes: bounty hunter, Colombian solider, Venezuelan writer, a Special Forces soldier who kidnaps the president and even Simon Bolivar. The list goes on and on, and it is a portrayal of the fact that Ramirez will try any character on for size.  “Stereotypes are not circumscribed to any ethnicity, religion, race or nationality … For me, it’s more about the complexity of the roles regardless of the nationality,” he told us during a one-on-one interview back in February. “If I am Ramirez and I am summoned to play a Hispanic role in a movie, there is nothing wrong about it, as long as the character is interesting, multilayered and three-dimensional then its fine. I don’t really put too much attention on ethnicity or nationality.”

With this statement we have discovered part of the key to his successful career: there is a difference between being a proud Latino and being too proud to play a role. Ramirez has gone from playing the smallest of roles in the 1990 Soap Opera “Cuando Llega el Amor” to now starring in Hollywood films. I am excited to continue to see his career grow and watch as he becomes a top player in the upcoming years.

Filming for “Beware The Night” is set to start May 20 in the Bronx.

Let us know if are looking forward to seeing Ramirez play a priest. 

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