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Episode 14 – Fake News, Rogue One, Golden Globe/SAG Nominations

[podcast src=”” height=”90″ width=”450″]On this episode 14 of the Highly Relevant podcast, we’re reintroducing some pop culture elements back into the show, but I’m keeping politics because Donald Trump has blurred the lines of the affairs of the state and entertainment. No one seems to know what’s what anymore? Regardless, many things have happened in entertainment this week such as the Golden Globes/SAG/Grammy nominations as well as the arrival of “Star Wars: Rogue One” in theaters worth talking about plus more. I’ll chat with my good friend Adam Garcia, Yahoo Editor and author of The Green Lama novels about what you can expect for your money (1:18). And what’s the required reading and viewing to understand where we are in America today? Well, I suggest a book and a documentary for you to see and read to familiarize yourself with the rust belt of pour nation and race history in our country (25:05). Plus, we speak with Oliver Darcy from about arguably the most talked about topic in media – FAKE NEWS. What do you have to do to not get fooled? (18:58)

Episode Summary:

  • Adam García on Rogue One 1:18
  • Jacked IN 17:25
  • Oliver Darcy on Fake News 18:58
  • Require Reading: Hillbilly Elegy, 13th 25:05

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