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Episode 18 – Trump v Mexico, Oscar Nominations, Latino Actors

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This week, I breakdown the Oscar nominations with NY1’s film critic Neil Rosen (:55). We’ll talk snubs and surprises and go over the top categories. Also, I’ll tackle the lack of visibility of Latinos in Hollywood films with my good friend and film contributor on The Insider and Entertainment Tonight, Tara McNamara (29:30). Why are we so invisible when we should also be at the forefront of film and pop culture? And finally, I discuss Trump, the wall, our new Mexico feud and sanctuary cities with The Wall Street Journal’s Laura Meckler (20:41). Will cities abide by the new immigrant proposals? Miami already has and that is bad news for Latinos.

Episode Summary:

  • NY1’s Neil Rosen on Oscar nominations :55
  • The Wall Street Journal’s Laura Meckler on Trump/Mexico feud 20:41
  • Tara McNamara on how Latino actors need to get outraged 29:30

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