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Episode 22 – Jose Diaz-Balart on Trump, Hispanic Media and Immigration, Singer Tommy Torres on Latino Crossovers, ‘Logan’ Movie Review

Thank you for downloading episode 22 of the Highly Relevant Podcast! This week, I interview Tommy Torres, a former Ricky Martin producer turned singer, who for the first-time ever, revealed to me why he and other Latin musicians fear crossing-over into the English-language mainstream. We also chat with the premiere Hispanic news anchor in our country – Telemundo and NBC’s Jose Diaz-Balart – who was invited to the private Donald Trump meeting with network anchors and reveals to us never-before heard details on the meeting and what he said to Trump himself. That plus my film review of Marvel’s new Wolverine film…LOGAN.

Episode Summary:

  • Tommy Torres :53
    • How he became a producer 1:15
    • What differentiates his live shows from other Latin acts: 3:48
    • How he met Daddy Yankee for the first time and how he describes his song “Tu y Yo”: 5:36
    • What makes Daddy Yankee so special from the rest of the Reggaetonero acts: 8:03
    • Does he think Spanish language music will ever reach mainstream: 10:39
    • Tommy reveals exclusively his concerns and fears on why he and other Latin pop stars don’t crossover in English: 14:50
  • JackedIN (news recap) 19:33

  • Jose Díaz-Balart 21:31
    • What Telemundo is doing different than Univision to be #1: 22:03
    • Impact of his immigration town halls: 22:31
    • How real is the fear of immigration deportation amongst Latinos: 23:26
    • On bilingual political analyst Ana Navarro: 25:57
    • His views on Hispanic media adapting to media crisis confronting America: 26:47
    • Does the “fake news” term offend him: 27:46
    • Exclusive details on Balart’s private meeting with Trump and what he said to him: 29:39
    • Diversity in general market newsrooms. Is there more work to be done? 36:16
  • What I’m listening to this week 40:21

    • Luis Fonsi (feat. Daddy Yankee) – Despacito
    • John Mayer – Moving On Getting Over
    • Frankie J – Not So Dangerous
  • LOGAN movie review 41:24

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