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Erykah Badu’s TV Lunacy: 5 Other LMAO Celeb Moments

It’s not called the entertainment industry for no reason, and boy do some entertainers really take their title seriously sometimes, thankfully for us, making for awkwardly-great TV and viral moments! The latest offender is Erykah Badu who tried to kiss-attack her way into the 5 p.m. news.

While New York’s Pix 11 Mario Diaz reported live about Shi LaBeouf’s recent Broadway arrest for disorderly conduct, the neo soul singer-songwriter decided to have a little secret onscreen fun. Badu began by edging into the frame to showoff her creative outfit and humongous white hat (which left the Pharrel Arby’s hat looking like kid play), as well as an obscene hand gesture. She then walked back and forth with a scary grin behind the reporter before suddenly grabbing him and unsuccessfully going in for a kiss. A surprised Diaz quickly did the one arm fend-off while continuing with the broadcast.

So in honor of this most uncomfortable on screen moment, here are five others that will make you squirm in your seat and do the #FacePalm:

5. The Morgan Freeman Nap-It-Off

We’ve all experienced it, sometimes you are just so damn tired that only a nap will take care of the problem, but doing it during live television? That’s a whole other ballpark. On May of 2013, Michael Cain and Morgan Freeman did an interview with Fox’s Seattle-Tacoma affiliate TV station, Q13 to promote their latest film, “Now You See Me.” While Cain spoke to the reporters Freeman took the chance to close his eyes and let his head droop at times even shaking his head to try to play it off. So awkward yet so hilarious!

4. The Jacqueline Bisset Ignore-the-Cue

Back in January of this year Jacqueline Bisset made the Golden Globes so much more memorable for everyone after her…err…I guess you would call it an acceptance speech?After slowly ascending to the stage to accept the award for Best Supporting Actress for her role in the British series “Dancing on the Edge,” the actress left audiences nearly in pain while watching as she tried to get over the shock of the win and get her crumbling speech together. Things we’re made even better when she completely ignored the play-off music and finally begun her speech.

3. The Mariah Ice Cream-Surprise

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This precious moment was caught back in the glorious days of TRL. In July of 2011, Mariah Carey showed up to the MTV show announced with an ice cream cart right before commercial break and Carson Daily nearly had a nervous breakdown right along with the singer. As if it weren’t uncomfortable enough already, the singer took it to the next level by stripping her shirt off, calling attention to her really short shorts and telling the host that he was her therapy session that day.

2. The Jennifer Lawrence Just-Be-Jennifer-Lawrence

On her swift rise to Hollywood fame, Lawrence’s silliness has given us loads to talk about, but this encounter with Jack Nicholson definitely takes the whole freaking cake. While GMA’s George Stephanopoulos conducted a post-Oscars’s interview with the actress, Nicholson decided it was the perfect time to congratulate her for the win, her response: “You’re being really rude,” which left both the actor and anchor awkwardly trying to laugh it off.

1. The Seacrest Fail-Five

Ryan Seacrest is still a judge on “American Idol” right? Oh and he’s coming back for season 14? Thankfully he is one hell of a charming guy because after this little onscreen faux pas, I’m just not sure any other guy would have survived! Back in season eight of the singing competition Scott MacIntyre, a visually-impared contestant, came out of the audition room after receiving his ticket to Hollywood and was greeted by the host for a quick chat, but when nearing the end of the conversation a very enthusiastic Seacrest goes for a high five with MacIntyre leaving those of watching to scream: “Why Ryan, whyyyy?!”

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