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Eva Longoria To Produce ABC Telenovela “Pura Sangre”

Eva Longoria is at it again. According to, the “Desperate Housewives” star is producing another telenovela from Latin America, this time for ABC. The network acquired the US rights to the popular Venezuelan telenovela “Pura Sangre”. The English language title will be “Trust“.

“Trust” will revolve around David Montenegro, who’s described as a humble Miami attorney. David finds himself in a love triangle between his ex-girlfriend, Rosella Lagos, and her fiance. In the process, he gets drawn into the drama of Rosa’s dysfunctional family.

The show will be written by Katie Lovejoy (NBC’s “Dracula”), but the cast is not known yet nor is there a premiere date.

Today, broadcast and cable networks are having trouble finding, developing and adapting great content. Fresh, original ideas are at a premium and US talent just aren’t getting the job done. Enter Latin America. There is a wealth of untapped programming there that TV programmers never even thought to look at before until recently. ABC is the best example of leading the way. They have had a history of acquiring a variety of Latin American based telenovelas, resulting in its best manifestation to date – Ugly Betty, based on RCN’s novela, “Betty La Fea” which Salma Hayek brought on board. ABC not only gets it, they have embraced diversity in their programming strategy, something that other networks are extremely slow in adopting. Why the others haven’t followed suit is beyond me. Perhaps it is ignorance, obstinacy, inability to adapt, absence of brash vision, or they just flat out don’t care. Honorable mentions must go to FOX, AMC and Lifetime as the other exceptions.

Eva Longoria understands this and her experience in Hollywood has allowed her to be equipped with the know-how to fill a content void. She is currently carving out a nice production niche by following Salma Hayek‘s footsteps. Her most recent, but modest hit is “Devious Maids” which has been picked up for a second season. If her productions continue to do well, she could become the future of the new American producer in Hollywood.

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