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Feliz Cumpleaños Mick Jagger! Here Are The 5 Best Rock En Español Songs to celebrate!

It’s Friday and besides looking forward to relaxing this weekend, how about celebrating Mick Jagger’s big 7-0! HAPPY FREAKING BIRTHDAY to Sir Michael Philip Jagger!

Just in case you didn’t know, Jagger is an English singer, songwriter and actor, best known as the lead vocalist of the legendary band, The Rolling Stones. According to the Rock Hall of Fame website, The Stones got their start on July 12, 1962 after Alexis Korner – founding father of British blues – skipped one of his regular gigs at the Marquee, which aired on the BBC radio show, and the group seized the moment to debut the band.

Even today, 51 years after the beginning of his musical career the pouty-lip rock star is still an influence on pop-culture being recognized in Kanye West’s verse of T.I.’s  “Swagga Like Us,”on the Black Eyed Peas’ “The Dirty Bit” and of course Maroon 5’s “Moves Like Jagger.”

So in celebration of the Mick Jagger’s 70th birthday, we decided to give rock an homage, but with a different twist – here are the five best Rock en Español songs that you can certainly do some Jagger moves to.

Los Aterciopelados – La Estaca

The Short: “La Estaca” is the 11th song of the Colombian duo’s second album, “El Dorado,” released by RCA in 1995. The song is an unexpected mix of soft ranchera and hard-rock. Its humorous lyrics are highlighted by the creepy love imagery. This song is part of the repertoire that put Los Aterciopelados on the map and Adrea Echeverri as one of the lead females of the Latin rock movement.

Why this one of my favorites: Ladies, this should become your next breakup song. Who the hell needs to sit on the couch getting fat eating a carton of Ben & Jerry’s Chunky Monkey when you could be jumping and headbanging around your room while you burn every unnecessary memory to a song that tells that broken love: “Goodbye, I hope your life goes well. I hope you get run over by a car, lighting strikes you and you get squashed by a train.” La Estaca is hilarious, unexpected, has an extremely catchy chorus and an amazing rock infusion.

Café Tacvba – La Ingrata

The Short: “La Ingrata” is the second song of the Mexican band’s second Album, “Re,” released in Warner Music Mexico in 1994. The song is a danceable sensation which combines banda music with rock. Just like like “La Estaca,” it is a humorous tale of love and heartbreak. “Re” was noted as “the equivalent of the Beatles’ White Album for the Rock en Español movement …” by The New York Time in 1997. And the song’s video was chosen as “Video of the People” by the MTV Awards Latin America in 1995.

Why this one of my favorites: If you ever have the opportunity to sing this song at a concert or in a club the crowd goes wild with this song. Besides having a super fun and upbeat rhythm, you pour your whole soul out with this song while you sing it at the top of your lungs. It truly is an amazing musical experience that everyone can relate to.

Soda Estereo – Te Hacen Falta Vitaminas

The Short: “Te Hacen Falta Vitaminas” is one of the most upbeat songs from the Argentinian band. It is the third song of the band’s first album, “Soda Estero” which debuted in 1984. The song has a new wave and ska influence and the lyrics invite the crowd to wake up and get loose. The song reaches its peak at the chorus which says: “Hey! You need vitamins!” It definitely was one of the driving forces behind making fans fall in love with the deep and sultry voice of Gustavo Cerati, the lead singer.

Why this one of my favorites: Simply put, it is just much fun! It is full of energy and it’s just feel good music that you can break out your best 80’s dances moves to.

Astro – Panda

The Short: “Panda” is the fifth song of the Chilena band’s 2011self-titled album. The electro-pop song is definitely the future of rock and is the defining rhythm of the band. “… its keyboards, programmed beats, a robust rhythm section and utopian lyrics added up to euphoric songs,” The New York times noted about the band. “Panda” is definitely one of the most prominent in of the band’s album and according to MTV Iggy, it is part of the soundtrack for FIFA 13.

Why this one of my favorites: It has a really awkward video showing a bunch of naked butts, but if there was ever a place to be explicit it was rock. Not to mention that the synthpop tune is an out of this world experience – you literally feel like you’re in a star wars battle but need to pause to break it down – simply Amazing!!

Hombres G – Devuélveme a Mi Chica

The Short: “Devuélveme a Mi Chica” is the sixth song of the Spanish band’s 1985 debut album, “Hombres G.” Upon its release as a single it reached immense commercial success and it reached the top of the Spanish charts in 1985. The song describes yet another love encounter where a guy, the narrator, sees a preppy kid (pijo) taking out his girl, and demands that he returns her to him or he will fall victim to the narrator’s itching powder.

Why this one of my favorites: Because you can’t get more classic than “Devuélveme a Mi Chica.” Forget Mana’s “Oye Mi Amor” and Los Enanito’s Verdes “Lamento Boliviano,” if there ever had to be a song that represents Rock en Español it would be this one. It is extremely upbeat, it has great memorable lyrics and the mixture of punk-rock and ska take the party to the next level – you really can’t ask for anything better.

What are your 5 best Rock en Español songs? Leave your list on the comments section below and join the conversation!

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