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Fernanda Romero sentenced to jail

Fernanda Romero sentenced to jail

Mexican-born actress, Fernanda Romero, who had small scenes in “Drag Me To Hell” and “The Eye,” and who will next be seen in Mun2’s new ‘Fast Five’ television Spanglish show ‘RPM Miami,’ is accused of entering a sham marriage to remain in the United States. On Monday (April 25), U.S. District Judge Manuel Real ordered both Romero and American musician Kent Ross to spend 30 days behind bars. She and her husband will serve the sentence on weekends.

In January, the Drag Me To Hell star pleaded guilty to making a false statement to authorities investigating her fraudulent marriage.

Federal prosecutors presented evidence that the couple didn’t live together as they stated on immigration forms, and essentially lived separate lives.

Romero, is best known in Mexico for a soap opera called “Eternamente Tuya.”



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