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First audience film reaction to Jenni Rivera’s ‘Filly Brown’!

First audience film reaction to Jenni Rivera's 'Filly Brown'!

Following is the film reaction of Jenni Rivera’s captivating performance in Edward James Olmos ‘Filly Brown’ from a woman named Monica Trujillo. The movie will be released April 26, 2013 nationwide, and it had a screening in Sundance in January, but the overall press has not seen it. This gives us a chance to be one of the first media outlets to share with you Monica’s thoughts on Rivera’s riveting performance and the movie which will surely be one of the Latino highlights in Hollywood this year.

“I had the honor to see Filly Brown the movie in October 2011 in Las Vegas, NV  for a private viewing. I didn’t know any of the cast but I had the pleasure to meet Edward James Olmos, Khool Aid Rios and Youseff Delara one of the directors. Mr. Olmos took a picture with me and was so gracious and very down to earth! Khool Aid joked with me and i had a nice conversation with Mr. Delara. I actually went to see a viewing of the other movie showed that day. A very good friend of mine is Baldemar Rodriguez and he is promoting his move “In search of the American Dream.” 

When we all settled down to watch the show, it started out with the typical rough neighborhood appeal which I feel gave the audience a nice segue into what was to come. Since I had not seen any type of previews I really didn’t know what the movie would be like, but I was about to find out this movie was nothing like I had ever seen and I loved it! The audience was engaged the entire time from clapping their hands to the music, to shedding a tear and lots and lots of laughter.

In light of Jenni Rivera‘s recent passing, which I was saddened to hear about, I would like to highlight what I thought of her performance. When I saw her being Filly Brown’s mom in jail. I didn’t see a woman trying to act like a drug addicted prisoner. I saw a woman who loved her kids very much and no matter how much she wanted to be better for her kids, the drugs, the addiction led her actions. She was driven by those could almost see the little red devil on her shoulder’s saying do it, do it and the little white angel saying no, don’t do it. As much as Filly didn’t like her mom’s actions, she kinda did the same thing and was able to see her mom as a person and learn to love her unconditionally. 

I grew up in the Barrio. I have seen people messed up on all kinds of drugs and you can’t fake being an addict, but I feel that Jenni Rivera, God rest her soul, did a hell of a job engaging me in the movie. I actually forgot I was sitting in a movie theater. More like a fly on a wall with a special look into Filly Brown family. 

In closing, I would recommend this movie to all my friends and family and I will see this movie again and add the DVD to my collection. It is a very heartfelt, life lesson and I thing many people, especially those in the Hispanic and Hip Hop/ Music community can identify with and certainly appreciate this movie.”

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