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Gael Garcia Bernal chosen as the new ‘Zorro’!

Gael Garcia Bernal chosen as the new 'Zorro'!

When I asked Antonio Banderas, arguably the most popular of all the Zorro’s, who he thought should be the new Zorro for the new generation, he said, “I would naturally recommend a Hispanic actor, because I think the character is very Hispanic”.

His comments came true because 20th Century Fox has officially chosen Mexican actor Gael García Bernal to play the iconic mustached Spanish hero. Now you know it was between him and his best friend Diego Luna. Diego must be pissed.

The film will be called ‘Zorro Reborn’ and it will be a futuristic reboot of the Zorro mythology that will take place in a remote place, I’m thinking dusty and desolate. Zorro will be bent on revenge and perhaps not as charming and romantic as we’ve seen him in past reincarnations

Glenn Gers wrote the script along with “Harker” screenwriter Lee Shipman and Brian McGreevy.The question now is… who is going to direct this film?

Gael Garcia Bernal, who next stars opposite Will Ferrell and Diego Luna in the Spanish-language comedy ‘Casa de mi Padre’ and alongside Kate Hudson in ‘A Little Bit of Heaven,’.

Latinos keep on making their marks in Hollywood and we are happy to see it happen.

Check out our video player to the left to look at Banderas’ Spanish answer on Zorro a few months back…

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