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George Romero Deconstructs Zombie Films

George Romero Deconstructs Zombie Films

Meeting George A. Romero was among one of my many highlights in this profession. As a fan of the zombie and horror genres, I sat down with the 6’4 man who is arguably the creator of the zombie films. 

In the interview you are about to see, Romero opens up about the origins of his cultural roots (Romero was born in New York City to a Cuban-American father and a Lithuanian-American mother), the things he likes and dislikes of the ‘deadheads’, and what his favorite zombie films are. You’d be surprised to hear it’s not one of his own…

Kick back relax and enjoy 5 minutes with Mr. George A. Romero.

Note: There are Spanish subtitles for those Spanish speaking fans of Romero

His new movie ‘Survival of the Dead‘ takes place in a desperate, nightmarish world where the dead walk the earth, relentlessly attacking the living. It is the story of Plum Island – a beautiful refuge whose isolation allows two powerful families to maintain a semblance of order in the wake of the zombie apocalypse. But as the inhabitants slowly die off, the two clans become sharply divided: The O’Flynns believe that the undead must be destroyed without exception, while the Muldoons insist that afflicted loved ones be kept “alive” until a cure is found. Into this situation wander a small group of National Guard soldiers who, after robbing the protagonists of the previous film, have decided to strike out on their own in an effort to survive.

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