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“Ghostbusters 3” Is A Go: 3 Perfect Actors For Harold Ramis’ Role

Since 1984, the proper response to “Who you gonna call?” has always been: “Ghostbusters.” The fact that 30 years later that catch phrase is still part of pop culture speaks to the fact the “Ghostbusters” films are true classics.

Today, Sony wants to make sure that the ghost-busting legacy lives on and in order to do so they are going ahead with “Ghostbusters 3.”

According to Deadline, Sony Pictures wants to start production in New York early 2015, but Ivan Reitman, director for the first two films, will no longer be helming the project.

“A lot of things happened in the last few months, the most significant of which was the passing of Harold [Ramis], who was a very good friend … ,” Reitman told the publication.

“… I’d rather just produce this ‘Ghostbusters,'” He added. I told [Amy Pascal, Co-Chairman of Sony Pictures and Doug Belgrad, film producer] that I thought I could help but let’s find a really good director and make it with him,”

According to Deadline, Sony considers “Ghostbusters” one of its most important franchises, so I’m sure it is their priority to please old fans while trying to capture new generations, plus Reitmen will still be partly involved so that should at least put some of your worries to rest.

Reitmen also told the publication that he wants to “retain the spirit” of the first films, and that the third film will have the original characters play a minor role. To me this sounds like the original team will pass the torch to a new generation, but it can only work if they find the perfect actors to fill the shoes of the original cast, especially, that of Ramis.

I have already taken up the challenge of finding actors worthy of reprising the role of Egon Spengler — Ramis’ character — the tall, skinny and awkward member of the team. He has brown curly hair, a long skinny face, and wears round eyeglasses.  He is the brainiac of the group, but lacks social skills, especially when it comes to the romance. Ramis was 6’2” in his late thirties/early forties when he did both movies.

Here are the perfect three:

3. Ed Helms


Pros: Awkward is Helms’ game and he has it down to tee because of his comedy background. Not to mention that he has a nerdy look similar to that of Spenglger: he is lanky, with a long skinny face and a very warm smile, plus he already wears glasses. The actor is also 40-years-old and 6”, which is close to the age and height of Spengler.

Cons: He looks to have pin-straight hair, which grows downward so he may need a really good wig.

2. Mark Ruffalo

Mark Ruffalo Stars Premiere Avengers London LuQm8pURsQhl

Pros: Ruffalo is now 46-years-old and has the perfect salt-and-pepper brown curly hair that Spengler is physically recognized for. He has also played a reserved scientist as Bruce Banner (The Hulk) in 2012’s “The Avengers.” As if that weren’t enough, it turns out that he is also a nerd in real life. According to PR Newswire, the actor is leading the “Put Solar On It” campaign, which urges people to start putting solar energy into more buildings. With an acting career that expands almost 20 years and includes a diverse range of characters, Ruffalo is a great choice to reenact Spengler.

Cons: He is 5’8”, which makes him a whole 6 inches shorter than Ramis, and has more of a round face.

1. Josh Radnor


Pros: Is it me or do Spengler and Radnor look like twins? The actor has the long face and warm smile that Spengler is recognized for and since 2005, he’s played the nerdy architect in “How I Met Your Mother.” Although he does not lack social ability like Spengler, his character Ted Mosby has had his fair share of awkward moments when it comes to relationships. He is 39-years-old, 6” tall, and pretty much perfect for the role.

Cons: The only slight con is that he has straight hair, but it looks thick and it seems not to be as gravity defying as Helms’ so it may be easier to create a curlier look without going the wig route.

What do you think of my choice actors? Can you think of anyone else that would pay justice to Ramis’ beloved character? Share your thoughts in the comments below. 

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