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Guillermo del Toro directing new DC Comics movie?

Guillermo del Toro directing new DC Comics movie?

The amazing Guillermo Del Toro is once again making buzz in the comics community. The Mexican director spent this past Saturday at WonderCon in Anaheim, Calif. where he spoke about his upcoming film “Pacific Rim” and showed a special trailer made just for WonderCon, but as exciting as it might have been from the crowd we have news that is more exciting for the rest of us.

According to ComingSoon, the helmer offered a few details about a DC Universe project following a question from one of the fans in the crowd. Back in May Del Toro announced that he was working on a film titled “Dark Universe” which has also been called “Justice League Dark.” The helmer said he finished working on the movie’s bible and will start working on the screenplay with a writer he hopes to announce soon. 

In the terms of the plot of the film Del Toro added that the main character will be a blond Constantine who tries to recruit The Justice League to save the world.  The origin of each character will be discovered throughout the film rather than telling it from the beginning.  “On Etrigan, I’m using Jason Blood in the time of Merlin,” he said. “Swamp Thing is at peace with who he is, but Deadman still needs to figure out who shot him. It’s all woven in. When I was a kid, my two favorite characters in the whole DC Universe were Etrigan and Swamp Thing, so I’m in heaven.”

We all know that Del Toro’s imagination has no limits so in hearing that “he is in heaven” I think audiences are in for a treat! ComingSoon added that DC has not been successful with their attempt to get Justice League out to audiences with less than half of the members being brought to the big screen. This project with Del Toro is definitely DC’s chance to go full force and hopefully give Marvel Comics a run for their money and “The Avengers” a shiver down their spines.

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