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Heineken/Skyfall "Crack the Case" event

Heineken/Skyfall "Crack the Case" event

Last night Heineken celebrated its 15-year partnership with the James Bond franchise in an exclusive event cleverly titled “Crack the Case” at the MTA Museum in Brooklyn. The entrance to the museum was decorated with a green carpet to remind us of the night’s sponsor. As we entered the museum, which is located in an old underground train station where the walls read “Court” as that was the name of the stop.

We were greeted by “bond girls” spread all throughout the event. There were about four different vintage train cars, three of them decorated with the themes of different James Bond movies:

‘Casino Royal’ which contained poker tables decorated with cards and chips

 ‘Die Another Day’ with stunning diamond decorations including a full size diamond skull

‘From Russia with Love’ delicately decorated with matryoshkas and a golden globe and telephone.

The train cars also were decorated with ads from back in the day and a subway map from New York City’s transit system early days. There were also TV screens showing some of the best moments from the 50 years of James Bond films.

DJ D-NICE entertained the guests hanging out in the train station platform while some of the stars began arriving.

Among them: Adrian Grenier from the show ‘Entourage’, Jacinto Riddick from ‘A Street Car Named Desire’, Jose Yenque from ‘Traffic’, Anthony Mackie who’s appeared in various films; his latest ‘ Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter’ and director Ulysses Terrero to name a few.   

The celebration was a success filled with plenty of Heinekens including a dark tasty Heineken that’s not easily found, the hors d’oeuvres served among them mini hamburgers and chocolate covered strawberries were a great combination.

The marketing event got us all hyped up for ‘Skyfall’ coming out in November 9th 2012, which will mark the 6th consecutive global partnership with Heineken and the Bond Franchise. The most important fact to mention is that for the first time ever in this film Agent 007 will be drinking a Heineken beer, not his usual martini. The video ad makes it all the more interesting and explains why the event was held inside train cars converted into Bond movie sets.  

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