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‘The Highly Relevant Podcast’: Can Mexico Win The Confederations Cup 2017?, What HBO Latino Is Doing About Latin Comedy

Thank you for listening to episode 36 of the Highly Relevant podcast. It’s soccer week and between World Cup Qualifiers and International Friendlies, soccer fans are getting ready for this weekend’s Confederations Cup, a precursor tournament before the World Cup 2018. We talk to Luis Miguel Echegaray, Head of Latino Content at Sports Illustrated about why we should watch it, Mexico’s clash vs. Portugal and Cristiano Ronaldo, and Colombia’s superstar James Rodriguez, what is his future, what team will he eventually play for, will Mexico and Colombia make it to the World Cup?

In addition to fútbol, we talk comedy. HBO Latino is presenting their first Latino stand-up comedy special Friday June 16th and we chat with Mexican comedians Esewey and Monica Escobedo about how they’re universalizing Mexican comedy for all Latinos. That and a recap of the top headlines in US Latino pop culture this week!


Confederations Cup 2017 with Luis Miguel Echegaray 1:15
– Vision for Sports Illustrated’s Latino content 1:41
– Can golf, NASCAR and the NFL ever gain major, genuine interest by Latinos? 3:31
– Why should people watch the Confederations Cup? 7:46
– Mexico v Portugal and Cristiano Ronaldo, who will win? 10:31
– Can Chile win the Confederations Cup? 11:45
– Has the USMNT regained its form in time for the World Cup? 13:52
– Is Christian Pulisic the real deal? 14:35
– Can Colombia make the 2018 World Cup and equal their results from 2014? 16:42
– What team will land James Rodriguez? 19:12

JackedIN (Pop culture recap) 21:21

*HBO Latino ‘Entre Nos Part 1’ Comedy Special chat with Ese Wey and Monica Escobedo (Interview done in Spanish) 23:51
– How did you get to be involved in the show? 24:36
– When did they discover they were going to become professional stand-up comics? 26:40
– What topics will be explored on the comedy special? 29:38
– As Mexican comedians, how are they translating their Mexican jokes to US Latinos? 32:14
– Where do their best jokes come from? 36:15
– How has Latin comedy changed? 38:15
– What kind of comedy do Latino viewers want to see today? 39:48
– What to expect from the show 42:41

Movies coming out this weekend 45:23
– Cars 3
– Rough Night
– All Eyez on Me
– 47 Meters Down

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