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‘The Highly Relevant Podcast’: Diversity in Comic Books, Megan Grassell On Starting A Business at 17, “Amelie” Review

Thank you for listening to episode 27 of the Highly Relevant podcast. io9/Gizmodo’s Beth Elderkin talks diversity in comic books, plus, a chat on the three key problems affecting its industry. Also, we welcome one of the youngest business owners in America, Megan Grassell, to talk to us about how at 17 she came up with an idea that changed the course of her life.

A discussion on diversity in comic books :54

JackedIN 14:46

Megan Grassell on starting a business at seventeen – 16:18
– How idea for Yellowberry came to be, making a business of it 17:12
– Financial resources. How did she find it and who managed it: 23:47
– Yellowberry challenges and how they were overcome: 25:18
– Moment Yellowberry took off: 27:25
– Yellowberry social media strategy: 29:59
– Yellowberry outreach for young Hispanic and African-American girls: 31:26
– Advice for teenagers who want to start their own company: 32:19

What I’m listening to this week 33:48
– Angel – Juanes
– Ganas de verte – Humbe
– Azul – Mahmundi

Broadway review of “Amelie” 34:37

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