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‘House Of Cards’ Season 5 To Premiere May 30th!

Who would make a better President? Frank Underwood or Donald Trump? Season 5 of House of Cards will never be more timely and reflective of the current political landscape. With Donald Trump now officially in office, Kevin Spacey’s fictional character of President Frank Underwood will be a eerie example of life imitating art. Check out the trailer and tell me your eyes didn’t pop wide open.

​The ​fifth season of the ​critically acclaimed Emmy®­nominated drama ​House of Cards ​premieres Tuesday, May 30, 2017. The series’s Golden Globe® winning stars Kevin Spacey (as Francis Underwood) and Robin Wright (as Claire Underwood), whose characters have always been each other’s strongest allies, show cracks in their relationship​. ​House of Cards also stars Michael Kelly​, ​Jayne Atkinson​, ​Neve Campbell​, ​​Derek ​Cecil, Paul Sparks​ and Joel Kinnaman​.

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