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Is Jayma Mays the nicest celebrity in Hollywood?

Nice and humble are rarely two words used to describe any celebrity in Hollywood, but Jayma Mays might take the cake.

In an interview I did in New York City recently for ‘The Smurfs‘ movie, I had a chance to chat with Jayma Mays and ‘it’ guy, Neil Patrick Harris (yes, he’s still Doogie Howser M.D to me). I asked them both about their thoughts of their careers up to this moment. Mays began by saying that this film was “a big deal” to her. But later on she gave me an answer that not only floored me along the Columbia Pictures staff in the room, but also Neil, who could only riposte with a rib-hurting remark. Was she for real or did she yuk it up for the cameras? After all, they are actors. But no, she was for real and as sincere as you could possibly be.

My hats off to Jayna Mays for having the ‘gaul’ to be true to her modest and self-effacing self to answer, what must go down as, the most humble answer in the history of interviews. You’ll never hear another celebrity EVER say what she said. Take a look for yourself and be the judge.

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