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Is Marc Anthony’s new album ‘Marc Anthony 3.0’ his best?

This week Nuyorican singer Marc Anthony released his new album Marc Anthony 3.0  and what better way to celebrate it than with a performance on one of the most watched morning shows in America, NBC’s The Today Show.

In terms of his new album, he told hosts Matt Lauer and Savannah Guthrie that it is a reflection of him.

Marc Anthony 3.0 “is a little tongue-in-cheek …” he said. “It’s a whole new and improved me … the music is a lot more refreshing.”

Anthony has not recorded an album of his own authorship since his 2004’s “Valio La Pena.” With this new CD, Anthony is going back to his salsa roots and it seems to be paying off, not only because he gets to promote a Spanish language album on a huge English television show, but also because the single “Vivir Mi Vida”shot to No. 1 on iTunes hours after its release on April and has been on Billboard’s Latin Hot Latin songs chart since then.

When asked about how he felt about the endurance of his music and his hit single, the singer responded that it brought him great joy.

“[I got] the typical jitters before you put a single out,” he told the Today Show hosts. “It’s been 10 years so I don’t know how people are going to react, but this just puts the wind beneath my wings. It just really encourages me to continue, I literally feel like I’m 18 all over and I have so much more to do.”

Right after the quick interview he finally took the stage and delighted fans – who had been lining up at the Rockefeller Plaza way before 7 a.m. today – by singing “Vivir Mi Vida” live.

The New York born singer’s new album is now available on iTunes which reviews Anthony’s work as “ … a solid, passionate — and long overdue — return by the great salsero to the roots music that established his career.”

In order to continue the hype with “3.0” Anthony has an extensive tour planned for Latin America, the United States, and Australia which will kick off this Agust 8. The singer will perform in 15 countries starting in Medellin, Colombia. You can find tour details here:

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