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‘Jack the Giant Slayer’ makes it to #1!

'Jack the Giant Slayer' makes it to #1!

This was a very slow weekend at the box office; the numbers coming in Friday didn’t look so good. Now, at the end of it all ‘Jack the Giant Slayer’ topped the box office with $28 million dollars, a great amount over the other ones. Although this isn’t a win for Warner Bros. because the film’s estimated budget was around $200 million and they are far from it, making this film a definite flop.

‘Identity Thief’ fell to second place with $9.7 million dollars and a grand total of $107 million dollars for the four weeks it has been out in theaters. This movie on the other hand has been a big winner, so big applause to all involved.

The party film ’21 and Over’ only reached third place with $9 million dollars; it certainly didn’t give the results the first time directors Jon Lucas and Scott Moore were expecting. Last year around this time ‘Project X’ opened and that film did much better, but then again its premise and laughs were much better than the ones here.

The Top 10 Movies in the Box Office are:

1. Jack the Giant Slayer – $28 mil

2. Identity Thief – $9.7 mil

3. 21 and Over – $9 mil

4. The Last Exorcism Part II – $8 mil

5. Snitch – $7.7 mil

6. Escape From Planet Earth – $6.7 mil

7. Safe Have – $6.3 mil

8. Silver Linings Playbook – $5.9 mil

9. A Good Day to Die Hard – $4.5 mil

10. Dark Skies – $3.6 mil

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