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Breaking! Justin Bieber Offered Robin Role In ‘Batman vs. Superman’ Film!?

Oh no! Please don’t tell me this is what Zack Snyder is conspiring for the new ‘Batman vs. Superman’ movie!? Justin Bieber!!?

Whether this is a hoax, a master act of idiocy or a carefully orchestrated plan, the singer/actor? just finished posting a pic of him holding what seems to be a legit script of the 2015 Superman sequel movie.

If true, here’s what we would be able to confirm based on the details of the script:
– The movie will be based on the graphic novel ‘Batman: The Dark Knight Falls‘ (now we know who’s going to win!) We’re going to see Supes give him a whipping.
– The official title will be:  ‘Batman vs. Superman’
– The script was dated August 30th, which means that Goyer just finished rewriting it to make the part more tailored to his weak acting abilities.  

If true, what a dummy Bieber would be!  He’d have no clue of how much trouble he’d be in for showing the script! He’d better have a honcho lawyer to get out of this one!

More to come.

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