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Breaking! Justin Bieber Offered Robin Role In ‘Batman vs. Superman’ Film!?

09.13.2013 | By |

Oh no! Please don’t tell me this is what Zack Snyder is conspiring for the new ‘Batman vs. Superman’ movie!? Justin Bieber!!?

Whether this is a hoax, a master act of idiocy or a carefully orchestrated plan, the singer/actor? just finished posting a pic of him holding what seems to be a legit script of the 2015 Superman sequel movie.

If true, here’s what we would be able to confirm based on the details of the script:
– The movie will be based on the graphic novel ‘Batman: The Dark Knight Falls‘ (now we know who’s going to win!) We’re going to see Supes give him a whipping.
– The official title will be:  ‘Batman vs. Superman’
– The script was dated August 30th, which means that Goyer just finished rewriting it to make the part more tailored to his weak acting abilities.  

If true, what a dummy Bieber would be!  He’d have no clue of how much trouble he’d be in for showing the script! He’d better have a honcho lawyer to get out of this one!

More to come.

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