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Latino director From ‘Mama’ To Helm ‘Mummy’ Reboot!

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Argentinian director Andres Muschietti, who directed the surprise hit horror movie “Mama”, is in talks to direct the reboot of the Mummy franchise from Universal.

The original director, Len Wiseman (Underworld sequels, Live Free or Die Hard, Total Recall) exited the film back in July and now Muschietti will direct it.

This is a big deal for Muschietti who is Guillermo del Toro‘s protégé and Latino directors overall. Little by little, brick by brick, international Latino directors are getting a shot at huge projects in Hollywood (i.e: Fede Alvarez in Evil Dead), alas, US Hispanic born directors are almost non-existent, as if they were extinct.

Muschietti seems to have a great sensibility for the horror genre, but now he’ll have to prove how good he is at action sequences. The Brendan Fraser versions were a lot of fun and will have to prove if he can be better and as successful.

Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci are producing the reboot and it’ll take place in the modern age as an “action-adventure tentpole with horror elements” and new characters.

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