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Leaked Trailer! ‘Grudge Match,’ Rocky vs. Jake La Motta

I thought this movie would never get made. I never thought Sylvester Stallone would actually do a knock-off Rocky movie and I never thought Robert De Niro would ever return to a boxing film. I was obviously wrong on all levels. 

The new comedy “Grudge Match“, which was supposed to be released earlier this year, has its first trailer, er, a leaked one that is. A pair of aging boxing rivals are coaxed out of retirement to fight one final bout — 50 years after their last match. From what the trailer shows us, timecodes and all, it is a comedy, taking potshots at Rocky and Raging Bull. It seems funny, but it also looks forgettable.

Back in the 80’s, this film with these two stars would have been a global news headline. Both actors appeared together in Cop Land (1997), but De Niro played a secondary role. This time, it is their film. Grudge Match will be released Christmas Day, Dec 25th, 2013.

Do you guys think Grudge Match will be successful? Leave your comments below.

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