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#Latinos Reign Supreme At 2018 GoldenGlobes Nominations this morning. See who they were:

Lengua, Cámara y Acción: Sasha Baron Cohen In Hot Water Again!

07.16.2014 | By |

This past Tuesday, Luis Jimenez and I discussed comic actor Sasha Baron Cohen‘s new problems with a residence in London, Lindsay Lohan is permanently moving to London, plus the kid who became a viral Instagram sensation because of a Beatle! We break it all down! Listen to the radio segment and tell us what you think!

Lengua, Cámara y Acción” is a radio segment that is a free flowing conversation on Hollywood and the entertainment industry with a dash of wit, humor and information with Jack Rico and radio star, Luis Jimenez. This way, you can keep abreast of what’s happening in Hollywood with a smile. “Lengua, Cámara y Acción” is broadcast every Tuesday at 9:50 AM on X96.3FM.

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