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Look At Selena Gomez Homage 12-Year-Old Natalie Portman In New Pics!

Give the girl a black choker and call her Mathilda. That is how I feel about Selena Gomez’s latest photo shoot for Flaunt Magazine. The multitalented star rocks a chic punk look with a hint of risqué that takes me back to 1994’s “Leon: The Professional.”

Remember 12-year-old Natalie Portman when she had her hair styled in a bob with blunt bangs? Selena looks exactly like the actress in 1994 the only thing missing is the iconic black choker.


The spread includes nine stunning photographs accompanied by a 3-minute black and white video. The shoot is set in an apartment and in the streets of Los Angeles following the singer around while she styles the Mathilda-styled wig and different high-fashion looks.

Indoors she sits in a corner wearing revealing lingerie and a Michael Kors tweed coat; she lounges in bed with a handsome shirtless man wearing a lacy Louis Vuitton cropped bustier and matching pencil skirt, and then an oversized off-the-shoulder sweater. In a hallway shot she also struts in a yellow Bottega Veneta trench coat, among other fabulous looks.

In the past year, Selena has made it a point to let her fans and the media know that she is grown up and that Disney is in her past. Between “Spring Breakers” and her “Stars Dance” album it’s certain that she successfully got her message across, but frankly this attempt fell a bit short of her goal.

As I said the photos are gorgeous and Selena looks spectacular, but the 21-year-old looks like she is playing dress up, very much like Mathilda in this scene:

Although legally an adult, she still looks young enough to pass for 15, which is nothing negative and in fact I’m sure she’ll appreciate it when she is in her 40s, but for the Flaunt shoot she looks like she raided mom’s closet.

What did you think of Selena’s shoot? Let us know in the comments below. 

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