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Michelle Rodriguez films in the Dominican Republic

Michelle Rodriguez films in the Dominican Republic

Notorious Hollywood actress Michelle Rodríguez goes back to her Dominican and Puerto Rican roots to film ‘Tropicos de Sangre’ (Tropical Blood) in the Dominican Republic. The story, based on the true story, revolves around the death of the three Mirabal sisters. Filming begins in November, in different localities of the country. Rodríguez is immersed in merengue classes, spanish dictionin preparation for the role.

“When I got the offer to be a part of this project, I thrusted myself in it 100% and saw it as a great challenge in my career”.

“Understanding the importance that this story marked in the history of the Dominican’s democracy and the world is important to me”, Rodríguez added. Together with Juan De Láncer, the director of the movie, Michelle has been visiting the the locations where it will be filmed. Some of the other stars are César Evora as Antonio de la Maza and Juan Fernandez as Rafael Leónidas Trujillo, both stand-out local actors.

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