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Miley Cyrus: Strong Woman Or Hot Revenue For Big Sean?

Is it me, or does it seem that lately Miley Cyrus has become a hot commodity? Well one thing is for sure, it definitely is not me and if you don’t believe me just ask rapper Big Sean.

Ever since the dramatic hair make-over, Cyrus has been everywhere from gossip columns to the cover of magazines and now the 20-year-old singer is the eye-candy for Big Sean’s new video for “Fire.”

The Detroit rapper says that in the video the young star is a symbol for women getting through their struggles by tweeting this to his fans:



The rapper’s words sound truly heartfelt, but let’s be real; did anyone get that that was the point of the video?! Hell no, but good try sir.

In an interview with MTV News, the rapper states that he wanted to take Miley “out of her element” because “people looking at her like she’s twerking and all this stuff, but she’s an awesome person and she’s cool.” Frankly, I didn’t think he achieved any of that, instead I think he got the opposite effect which is to keep feeding “Fire” to her girl-gone-wild image that the media keeps pursuing.

In the video the ex-Disney princess gently rubs her face and body, walks slowly and sexy with her eyes fixated on the camera, she takes off her see through rain coat to reveal she is just wearing a bra and panties, etc. How does this represent defeating struggles again? As previously stated the young Miley is hot, and whether tabloids are calling her a “ratchet white girl” or fans are trying to dress like her, the point is that she has reached a level where her face equals revenue.

So yes, Big Sean might be trying to defend the young star and show her as a figure of empowerment, but he is also trying to get views for his new video and Miley’s presence will help him achieve that. In all honesty he probably would have accomplished this “strong woman” effect if he would have at least had her sing a full verse rather than some simple oohs-aahs at the end.

Beside from the “implied” meaning being a total #fail, the video is actually great. Miley is surely working it with her amazingly long legs and her erratic sense of style, so high five to her doing Big Sean the favor. I guess that’s what friends are for.

Let us know if you agree with us or if you think that the video actually shows Miley Cyrus as a figure for women overcoming relationships and other struggles. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts!

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