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RT @TheSource: Justin Bieber Announces Music Hiatus to Focus on Mental Health

Music Rodeo: Paul Walker Immortalized, Bieber’s Emotions, Christmas Makeovers

This week some artists were busy trying to visually impact us, while others tried to have us listen. This music wrap up is a jumble of pop, rock and R&B that pay tribute to friends, snow and change.

Let’s start with a song dedicated to a man whose name created a shock wave around the world this week.

“Destiny Bends” – RZA feat. Will Wells

“Destiny Bendswas created by Wuntang Clan’s RZA in loving memory of Paul Walker. On the track, RZA has a small intro saluting his friend and then Wells take over the rest of the RnB tune. The rapper posted the song on Sunday, day after Walker’s fatal accident, and left a note with it. “’Destiny Bends’ was written last night after hearing the tragic news of the loss of a good man named Paul Walker,” he wrote. “I met Paul on the set of the film ‘Brick Mansion,’ where we talked, laughed, and exchanged ideas of life and fatherhood. I only knew him personally for less than a year, but we knew each other through our work and art.”

This week Biever also had something to share with fans, but these tributes were more about him.

“Change Me” – Justin Bieber

As a part of his Music Monday series J. Biebs released “Change Me,” a ballad in which he basically begs to be changed for the better. Whether he started watching the news and saw his crazy antics or he just needed something to write about and doesn’t really mean that he wants to change, there is NO DOUBT that the song is fire! The combination of the singer’s smooth and soft vocals along with the single piano tune is simple but impactful and genius baby-making-music.

But of course, the Biebs knows that two is way better than one so this week he also gifted audiences some optical stimulation.

“All That Matters” – Justin Bieber

In this dimly-lit video for “All That Matters” we see Justin seducing a gorgeous young blond by a brick wall, on a motorcycle, in front of movie projector and just basically all over the place. The song is good, in this instance they switched the piano for a guitar with some blues, but it’s nothing out of the ordinary. The video is totally sexy, but I just wish he would just straighten up his back and stop with the awkward dance moves like the shirtless pant-thrust.

But hey! Enough with the sexy songs, it’s Christmas time and Pop and Rock have a thing or two to say about it.

“Snow In California” – Ariana Grande

Grande’s new holiday tune, give us yet another Christmas song to belt in the car, but it also makes her sound a tad bit greedy don’t you think? She asks Santa to make it snow in California during the holidays so that her love’s flight will be delayed and she can snuggle up. She then gets mad at Santa because the weather will be sunny instead. I for one would like ask: why didn’t she just plan ahead and go to a place in Cali where it’s likely to snow? But hey, besides that little detail the song is catchy.

Finally, to put a ribbon on this week’s wrap up indie rock band Echosmith share their holiday spirit.

“I Heard the Bells On Christmas Day” – Echosmith

I have to say, even though this song is a cover the band has the right idea about Christmas spirit. “This song… is a song of hope and exactly what we wish you’ll find this Christmas season,” the band told Billboard who exclusively premiered the video.

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