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Music Rodeo: Pitbull’s Pig, Quinn’s Mustache, Miley’s Legs

Welcome to our new music roundup where we gather up the latest in songs and videos. Thanks to Pitbull and Ke$ha, The Killers and Glee’s Dianna Agron, and Miley Cyrus, and Jamie Lynn Spears this week is solely dedicated to new music videos.

“Timber” – Pitbull feat. Ke$ha

The song is the lead single for “Global Warming: Meltdown,” the deluxe edition of Pitbull’s 2012 hit album “Global Warming.”

After hosting the American Music Awards and performing “Timber” onstage with Ke$ha, Pitbull gifted fans his visual interpretation of the country infused hit on Monday. The video goes back and forth between a western-saloon-themed bar and a beach in the Bahamas. At the bar Ke$ha leads the hoedown with a crew of backup dancers styled in their best cowboy boots and cut up shorts. This setting concentrates mostly on her, but there are a few intermittent shots of Pitbull rocking a straw hat. The Cuban rapper likes a good party, but obviously feels more at home at the beach while wearing suit jackets. In the Bahamas we see the rapper having the time of his life dancing in the white sand with a bronzed hottie, chilling on a yacht, and watching sharks and the cutest pig ever swimming in the clear-blue water.

“Just Another Girl” – The Killers

The song is one of two new tracks which are part of a recent greatest-hits package “Direct Hits.

In the video for “Just Another Girl,” The Killers give us a history lesson of the band with Dianna Agron leading the tour as lead singer Brandon Flowers. The clip starts with lip syncing Agron walking through the set dressed in the jacket with feathered shoulders Flower’s wore in “Human” and then taking the stage with the band. She runs off and a crew takes her jacket and hands her a mustache and blue bowtie while she walks past the wedding scene in “When You Were Young.” She then sits at a table wearing the red lady-gaga-ish suit the lead singer wore in the “Spaceman” video.  She also wears a leather jacket like he did in “Runaways” and a red shirt a black jacket like in the “Somebody Told Me” video. Finally, Flowers makes a cameo, appearing dressed in mustache and the hat for the “All These Things I’ve Done” video as he walks along with Agron and with one last strum of the guitar by David Keuning the video ends.

“Feelin’ Myself” – feat. Miley Cyrus, French Montana and Wiz Khalifa.

The song is part of a new deluxe edition of the’s solo album, “#willpower.”

“And goddammit, goddammit” and Miley Cyrus are really feelin’ themselves in this hot new new video with cameos by French Montana and Wiz Khalifa. The futuristic clip is simple and stripped down to basics with black, red and white as its predominant color scheme while interchanging geometric shapes complement the background. Miley surprisingly enough found new dance moves and does a simple (no tongue out) side-to-side bounce while showing her to die for legs in her signature cropped bustier and  high-rise bottoms. on the other hand takes every opportunity to switch up his look in every scene. The simplicity of this video makes the artists stand out more and it really compliments the song which will definitely be the the pre-party tune for the next months to come.

“How Could I Want More” – Jamie Lynn Spears

This is Jamie’s first single.

After several years away from the media’s eye Britney Spears’ baby sis is back on the little screen and shows us that baby is a thing of the past. With “How Could I Want More” she is giving fans a taste of the new Jamie. In the last six years she’s had a lot of growing up to do and that is definitely reflected in latest country tune. The video is simple and intimate which will allow fans to once again connect with the former child star.

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