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New Music Videos: ‘Macklemore,’ ‘Miley Cyrus,’ ‘Arcade Fire’

Yesterday was all about the shocking, unexpected, hilarious, mind-blowing, and innovative in the music realm as three different artists, from three different genres premiered three new music videos to buzz about.

“White Walls” — Macklemore and Ryan Lewis 

From the hip-hop corner Macklemore and Ryan Lewis took it to the Wild West with their video for “White Walls.” In the hilarious 6 minute clip Macklemore appears as “Mackle Jackson,” a part-time charro (a Mexican horseman, and also the outfit used by mariachis) in the dessert and a full-time Cadillac lover. In the video he and the song’s featured artist, ScHoolboy Q, throw and off the wall barbecue with a bunch of their coolest and wildest elderly friends. Apart from funny, the video manages to set Macklemore as one of hip-hop’s top acts as he shows off his friends throughout the video with cameos by A$AP Rocky, Trinidad James, Wiz Khalifa, Big Boi, DJ Drama, and fellow Seattleite Sir Mix-a-Lot. The single is part of the duo’s debut album “The Heist” which was released October of 2012.

“Wrecking Ball” — Miley Cyrus

In pop Miley Cyrus stole the spotlight yet again with her controversial video for “Wrecking Ball.” In the video it appears that the singer is finally over her twerking craze and exploring new horizons. The video starts with an extreme close up of her crying in front of a blinding white background then it jumps to her getting a bit close for comfort with a sledgehammer. But the fun doesn’t stop there, as she walks toward the camera braless in a white wifebeater, panties and brown Dr. Martens; a wrecking ball smashes down a couple of concrete walls behind her. Later on, she is seen straddling that same wrecking ball naked. Surely enough both the media and fans have been talking about the video non-stop since its premiere and today it was announced that it has earned the most views on Vevo in a 24-hour period (12.3 million), allowing Miley to take back her title from One Direction who ruled with 10.9 million views for “The Best Song Ever.” “Wrecking Ball” is the second single from her upcoming “Bangerz” album which will debut Oct. 8.

“Reflektor” — Arcade Fire

Finally, in the indie rock section, Arcade Fire went  tech-forward on us with their interactive video for “Reflektor.” (Check it out here.) The video, which was shot in Haiti, directed by Vincent Morisset (“Heart Shaped Box”) and created by Google Creative Lab, tells the story about “a young woman who travels between her world and our own.” The clip is extremely fun and let’s you  use your smartphone or mouse to control some of the features on your computer screen, you can also see yourself in a short part of it. Although this is not the first video that brings the user into mind, it is a sign that artists – like Kanye West – are looking for innovative ways to move their brand and as a consequence, the music industry, forward. Along with their interactive short film, the band also released a black-and-white YouTube video which shows the band jamming out while wearing huge masks of themselves. “Reflektor” is first single from their forthcoming album of the same name which will be out on Oct. 29.

Let us know your thoughts on the new videos in the comments section below!

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